Ending The October..

End of October 2014. Meaning another 2 months till 2015. Wow weee.
I don’t know whether this is a good news or bad news. Yet.
To cut short, here you go. (well, actually because I don’t know what else to say)

1. We had Eid eary this month. I parcitipated in the qurban. We also had small feast for Aqiqah of my 3 new nieces at my father’s house. Very tiring effort but satisfying enough because no bad incident we cannot manage especially since we kind of short of hands since my elder sisters not coming back.
2. I took 2 hours of refreshing driving-class. I am proud to say I still remember most of the techniques. Saying that, I am still not confident enough to drive a manual car on my own on the road yet. However, the teacher said, I have enough skill to drive an auto car. Just that I need to be more confident. πŸ™‚
3. #2 means my car still with my sister than my brother. My brother needs the car now. So… 😦
4. New housemate again. It took us longer to find replacement this time. I think nowadays, people looking for luxury compared to last time. Same questions every time, washing machine, network, cable-tv. Luckily last week we got a confirmed new housemates. 2 girls sharing the room. Looks like nice girls. I hope.

Moner Matters:
1. I received a $200 money voucher from the government for ‘festive allowance- single’. I never got this before and I don’t know how my BIL did to get me this. Maybe not much but still, free money.
2. Received $100 dividen from CIMB. Yay. Another free money. Sadly this is the last one.
3. Finally bought a new handbag. Dark-red Elle handbag cum backpack. Big enough for my office docs. I got a good deal for this. 20% discount + AEON voucher, ended up I paid <$180 for the bag. Nice!!
4. One bored day in the office, I surfed the net, got me to Lelong.com.my, got me to this seller that sell cheap t-shirt. The destructive impact -> I bought 3 long sleeves t-shirts plus 1 blouse for $92 with free shipping. Though the t-shirt not as good as I expected with thin material and bigger size that the site’s measurement, I still say this is a good buy.
5. I was really in tight budget this month because of the Eid and the feast. Luckily the salary was out early this month in conjunction of Deepavali holiday. πŸ™‚

1. Another training continued from last month. Also more meetings.The light is still very dim to me. Lots more info needed to make a clearer picture of the planning and stages.
2. Programming-wise – I am very slow to catch-up with this new stuff. A bit demotivated by this luckily my colleague is very patient with me and the A-Team not yet in the project. So we can take our time to master the new stuff. Hopefully I can produce workable result before she come to KL.

1 I had bad case of high-fever and flu. My 4 months complete attendance was tarnished by a one-day medical leave I have to take. I am grateful enough it didn’t reach worse stage.

Book read:
1. Toys – James Petterson. Not yet write the review.
2. The Collectors – David Baldacci.( I like this more that Toys). Not yet write the review.

Looking forward to November:
1. 3 of my colleagues will be in KL for the new project and also for training. Plus our new boss too. One of the colleague is the closest I have here and another one I haven’t met yet so far.
2. If all went well, I will get my car back. Hopefully. Since November will be yet another raining month, with the car, at least I have the choice to drive instead of taking public transport. Though that also means I will have extra expences too.

All in all, I think October passed by fast early in the month but after middle, it became slower.
I am dragging to get to November, though I have no idea why.


Ending the March

March already coming to end. OH NO!!!
This means first quarter of 2014 has ended and tomorrow is the start of new month and new quarter.

Bits and bits of what going on during this month.. Yosh!!

1. Nephew wedding – Wedding is always a most welcome event in my family. Except for Eid, wedding is one of the event that gathered almost all family. Sadly the other event is funeral.
21/3 – Solemnization – no color theme. I wore black-red.
22/3 – Bride’s side wedding reception. The theme color for our family was green. So you can see different shades of green. Green, green everywhere.
23/3 – Groom’s side wedding reception (my side). The theme was golden-orange. I am not sure what the color’s official name. Luckily I managed to find a tailor for my dress. The reception was held at Dewan Merak Kayangan Felda. The food rumoured to be awesome (rumoured becaused I only had some).
Lots of relatives and my ex-colleagues coming to celebrate. Some which we haven’t met for ages.
Like I said this was family gathering. Most of us stayed at my sister’s house for those 3 days. So imagined the food, kids, laughters and don’t forget the gossip. πŸ™‚


2. Steam-bot dinner with my friends. Somehow this sort of our monthly dinners. 3 of us with different personalities, backgrounds and ages.

1. Benefits Pore-fessional and their new BB Cream
2. A Skirt + a pair of shoes (brown-greyish)
3. Mini table for my computer. Initial plan was to buy the laptop mini-table but I found this mini-table which I think can be more useful than only as a laptop table plus with $5 less.
4. New perfume because I emptied the last one. Too many new perfume I like and under consideration. In the end I bought the old Fifth Avenue by Elizabeth Ardent. Haha.

1. Mercy – Julie Garwood (re-read)
2. Up Close and Dangerous – Linda Howard
3. A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks (Currently reading)

Hope to do but didn’t:
1. Taking few hours photo-taking in town. Reason – haze was very bad, health issues and nephew’s wedding-related preparation
2. Weekly-themed artwork.

Health issues:
1. Mild chest pain due to bad haze throughout the month
2. High fever plus bacteria infection that caused me to take 3 days medical leave. Tons of medications and a blood test.

1. BUSY!!

#MH370 dissappearing and not yet found until today. Even though lots of countries comes to help, we only have rumours and unconfirmed info. This is a sad happening that affected the whole country regardless of race, religion and age. It is sad to say that it took a tragedy such as this to see ‘united’ Β in Malaysia.

Our Prime Minister already declared and concluded the plane was crashed with no survivals (though I don’t understand why because the plane still missing), I am still hoping for good news. #MH370.



All in all there was nothing I regretted tooo much this month. Maybe smaller things but not worth losing sleep for.

My hopes and expectation for April:
1. Finishing A Walk to Remember.
2. Do the thing in the list of ‘Hope to do but didn’t’.