GOODBYE 2014, WELCOME 2015..

Too many things happened this year. The goods, the bad, the in-between.


  1. Finally, bought a car, a Proton Suprima. Yeah.. A proton. What can I say. That was the only higher specs car i can afford. However some odd times, i did regret buying it since after I bought it, the petrol’s price keeps getting more expensive. L
  2. Still no new house either moving or buying. L
  3. No travelling too except the one working trip to Sydney. Not really a planned visit but at least I got 2 days get-to-know Sydney days.
  4. New housemates, again. I had bad cases of housemates this year.
  5. Got myself a new hobby. I started some artsy project. Kind of funny actually since that is a skill I don’t really have but it is fun. I’ve join 2 monthly face-drawing challenges. Though not really impressive result but I am still proud of myself. Haha.


  1. 1 wedding (nephew) and 2 engagements (nephew and niece). So 2 wedding can be expected next year.
  2. 3 new nieces, 1 grand-niece and 1 grand-nephew. Talk about additional minions to the family. Plus 1 coming soon in 2015 if all went well. J
  3. My father had a knee surgery after he got affected by unknown bacteria, or something. A little swell turned out serious after less than 2 weeks that ended up have to go through surgery. My father has to spend almost a week in the hospital.
  4. My elder sister was undergoing operation to remove her ovaries and uterus after a check-up showed threatening fibroid and cyst. She is still in recovery stage now.
  5. Bad cases of dengue. Started with my eldest sister after the Eid, then her son, and later if I’m not mistaken her granddaughter. Luckily not as bad as my sister. Then in November, by other nephew, and also luckily not so bad that has to be hospitalized.
  6. My younger sister affected by flood again this year. The water level rose higher than last year. Luckily, my sister learnt a lesson from last year flood. She prepared early. And when the water level kept rising and rising, she left the house and headed to my father’s house to avoid being forced to evacuation center. As this date, the flood slowed down, and she able to move back to her house. Though she is still taking precaution because there are news that there will second/third wave coming.


  1. I have being promoted to senior position. Sadly the salary not really at par but the responsibility increased.
  2. The most hectic year so far. There was a new government product that we needed to comply with our system. We worked more than 8 hours a day for 2-3 months. Super crazy.
  3. New demanding project started in September and I am one of the person involved in the initial preparation. It is a new experience and new challenge. Lots of new stuff need to be learnt for this new project and we will be busy again until end of May 2015.
  4. Because of the project above, I have been given the opportunity to work in Sydney office for 7 days. I was so nervous going there. Foreign environment, lots of colleagues’ expectations and of course the language barrier since my English is just so-so and added with the Australian accent that gave me trouble some times. Fortunately, all went well. J


  1. Books – my target was 20 books and not included re-read. I haven’t analysed yet. But looks like almost there or reached that amount. Will update later.
  2. Car/house – bought a car but not the house.
  3. Saving – my target to get a total of 10K. I reached that amount in May but because of deposit for the car, now it became <10K but almost there. Not so bad.
  4. Credit card – target was to clear the outstanding and left only monthly expenses by August. I managed to achieve this by August. Yay! So far still maintain.
  5. Exercise – at least twice a month for jogging/walking. This is not big enough for everyone but actually difficult for me. Sadly I cannot make it especially these last few months L
  6. Weight loss – Started 2014 with 52.3kg. My target was 50kg. Again, another difficult feat. I had reached as high as 54 kg this year which is the heaviest I have being in my entire life. The least weight was 51.5kg. By November I gave up and thinking of maintaining the 51-52 kg. Surprisingly, by this date, I have reached 50 – 50.2kg. Not sure what happened but somehow I achieved my target. LOL!.


  1. More and more goods’ prices increased. Meaning daily expenses getting higher. So not at par with salary now.
  2. 3 incidents with our airlines. Early this year we were shocked by the missing MH370. Mid-year, MH137 being shot down. And last week Airasia flight from Surabaya QZ8501 crashed into the ocean. Al-Fatihah to the people being called by the Creator.
  3. Flood, this year is the worst I have ever seen. Especially in Kelantan where some places totally submerged under water like Kota Bharu, Kuala Krai, Tnh Merah and Gua Musang. The whole state almost in paralysed by the flood where no road to outside was cleared. Most of my friends that live there or have family there affected by the flood. Really when watching the news.

There are so many sad things but still I am still grateful for the good things. Pray and hope for a better year next year.

Goals and aim for 2015? Maybe later. 🙂


Ending the August..

This was supposed to be posted last Sunday. But I was not sure what happened, it failed to post even after 3 trials.
Since I’ve already has the entry, and even though it was past August, I posted today.
Sunday was a special day. It was my country’s 57th Independent Day. Lot of fireworks. Since I was at my hometown, so most fireworks I can only hear not see. The big ones I can only watched in television. If I were at my house, I can clearly see the fireworks everywhere. But still since the tragedy of #MH17, the national celebration was not as big as we always had. Just fireworks and marching in the national stadium. Previous years, we had open houses, concerts, traditional events and stuff.For me not a really big lost. At least we can use the budget to different thing. Unless the ministers put the extra money in their own pockets, then I’ll get angry.

Anyway, back to the end-of-month list.

1. Still in Eid mood. Lots of open houses. That means lots of food. And that means, I gained back few grams that I lost during fasting month. 🙂
2. My father came to KL for the medical check-up. Follow up of the last month knee-infection operation. So again another family gathering.
3. On 15th, new niece. Named Keisya Zara, was born early few days than the original due date. Welcome to the family! That means I have 3 new nieces this year. So far. 😉

4. My eldest sister contacted with the dangerous dengue fever. Then later her son. But her son got it worst than her. They both spent about 2 weeks of daily check-up and blood test. Plus each was admitted 2-3 days in the hospital at different time. Quite bad.
5. Spring cleaning half of my closet. Yes, half-only. Because I need spaces if I want to clean all. So will continue in Spetember. I hope. 🙂
6. The highlight of the month. A housemate left the house. Sadly this has became a bad experince. It happened that the girl I thought stayed at my house was actually already moved out and found a replacement. However, this new girl after 2 weeks, decided she didn’t like the house and moved out without telling any of us and while we were away for a long Eid holiday. That means we (2 of remaining housemates) have to bear the rent and bills for August since no deposit passed to us. So we were desperate for new housemate/s. It was not easy because the previous girl (the second last) still has her stuff in the house, and created a mess. Secondly, we don’t have the luxury of washing machine, cabel TV and internet which limits the candidate especialy the working ladies. Ended, we got 2 univ students which still young and don’t mind the lack of stuff. Hope this ones can stay longer and wont create trouble.

1. Bought a car. Well.. Actually I bought and got the car end of July. Sadly, until now, I haven’t really drove it yet since I was planning to take driving-refreshing class. It was hard to find driving school that provide this class. I knew a few did before but they don’t have it anymore.
2. Not for me but few stuff as souvenirs for my collegues at Sydney. Glad that they love it.

1. Fast Track – Julie Garwood – finally finished this and the review already posted here
2. Bombshell – Catherine Coulter – no review yet
3. Final Target – Iris Johansen – no review yet
4. Firestorm – Iris Johansen – no review yet

Hope to do but don’t:
1. Driving class – simply because I have no weekend to spare

1. Work-related – BUSY again! from the same government projects.
2. My new boss from Sydney came for a visit and get to know us. It was nice to finally meet her since before this we can only hear her voice via teleconference. She is a sweet and chatty lady. This is my first time I have a lady boss in my entire career. Refreshing I would say. Good? No comment yet.

My hopes and expectation for September:
1. Better budget thingy.
2. Do the thing in the list of ‘Hope to do but don’t’.
3. Reading more of the books that keep collecting dust on the shelves.
4. Post more of my so-called artwork. Maybe participating 29Faces challenge like I did in February.

I was blessed with good health in August. Though few of my family member not as lucky. Nothing big happened except that lots of Eid gathering, meaning food and food everywhere.

Already July and I forgot to post ‘End of the month’ entry. I felt like I was just wrote a end-of-month post few days ago. And I was not in town for few days.

Alright. Now, the delayed caps for last month. Better late than never.

End of June means we have finally come to the second half of the year.
Lets look back for the past 3 months what the-happening of the first half of 2014.

1. 4 new additions to the family. 2 nieces from my 2 younger sisters, 1 grand-niece and 1 grand-nephew.
2. A nephew getting married in March.
3. A niece getting engaged in June.
4. I got promoted though not a very happy news since the salary adjustment is one of the worst.
5. Decided to buy a car. Will get it next week or the week after. That means new house have to wait first.
6. Got new housemate. So far she is better than the older girl.
7. My goal for the saving account total accomplished in May. However this have to be re-started because of the item #5.

1. single mingle
2. no new friend
3. no holiday getaway
4. no house. or still staying in same house.
5. working here.

I didn’t read new book last month so no book review. Didn’t paint or draw anything too.

End of June, started the fasting month for Moslem. The holy month Ramadhan. It was and will be a bit challenging this year because the fasting period will be 13 hours plus the super hot weather.

Let’s pray to have  a blessfull and rahmat Ramadhan.



I was super busy. I thought with July already here, I will be less busy. How wrong I was. Still same.


2014 – New year so so…

I was supposed to post this either on 1st or 2nd Jan, but too many things going on and I was away at my hometown for days. So here you go.. Better late than never. After a week in January 2014.

What I am looking forward to in 2014.

  1. Nephew’s wedding in March. This is interesting because he is my sister’s first son. My sister is a bit well-do family compared to others. And she is very systematic in planning and she has this her ‘grand’ vision of her son’ wedding thingy. So I am looking forward to see how it goes.
  2. 2 new additional members to the family in January and March, if God’s willing. So far there is only 2. Maybe more. Since my sister-in-law hinting on trying to give little sis/bro to her son.

No really resolution but more to my TRY-to-do list (caps on TRY):

  1. Finding new hobby. Thinking of knitting but I have to learn on my own because I am not sure if I can afford classes. Also thinking of doing some arts sketches/drawing/painting/doodling even though I have only abt 2% skill. Well… Not that I want to give or show to other people or doing exhibition, right? Wait. Maybe show here a bit of it but not like anyone visiting. 😀
  2. Learning and using more of my NEX camera like going to Sony free workshop and learn how to use my camera beyond the automatic setting and try-my-luck setting. Poor baby. I have abandoned it most of the time. I don’t even know all the function yet despite bought it more than one year already.
  3. Following the #2, going somewhere just to take photo.
  4. Following #3, post more in flickr account. Sounds like broken radio, right? Keep repeating.. Maybe some magic will come from it.
  5. Buy a car but only if my salary adjustment permitted. With everything and everywhere price’s hike, I can only buy the affordable and economy car, not most wanted car.
  6. At least 1 oversea trip and 1 local trip.
  7. Usaha yg lebih utk menutup aurat
  8. Saving more. But this also need to be budgeted based on salary increment, whether buy a car or not and definitely whether buy a house or moving or not.
  9. Post at least once in 2 week – once a week is tooo big for me. 😀
  10. Make once-a-month gratitude entry – actually originally I was planning to make a gratitude journal/blog, but knowing me, who lazy to make post, so I will stick to this one blog only. Also, the original plan is once-a-week but changed again. Once a month already a big deal for me.
  11. Join at least 1 marathon or walkaton. There is a hurdle for this. Usually this activity starts very early in the morning. Meaning no public transport working yet. And since I do not own a car, it is a bit difficult for me. Currently I don’t have any friend to share this. Few friends already active marathon participants but I don’t want to share with them. Yet. 🙂

Actually it is not a common thing for me to make this kind of list. It’s not that I don’t like it but more to the de-motivation I might feel when at the end of the year, I haven’t crossed so many in the list. Making me question, what have I achieved and started feeling down.

However this year, I want to be more positive and take more control of my life and do more stuff for myself instead of for somebody else which usually my family. Not that I will not devote my time for them, but I will need to ration more time for me. It is not easy since I can hardly say NO to them but I will try.

Last day of the year….

Last day of the year 2013. Of course like everybody else, it is time to look back what have happened since 1st January 2013. Well, let see…………………..

1.    Perak – killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Actual event was my niece’s wedding but me and 2 of my brothers’ family stayed longer holidaying at Bukit Merah Late Town Resort. It is a water-themed park.
2.    Didn’t do any oversea travelling this year. Except for Umrah/Mecca. (more in Most Memorable)

Family matters:
1.    1 nephew engaged and 2 engaged-then-married.
2.    2 sisters pregnant, meaning I will get 2 niece/nephew/both early next year (Jan & Mac). Insya-Allah.
3.    Sad news, my brother’s condition was getting worst. He collapsed and hospitalized in last May and middle of December his right leg was severely infected by bacteria and later was amputated. I’m praying every day that he will get better. Totally recover from diabetes and kidney dyfunction is quite impossible unless there is a miracle but at least he will not getting worse. Seeing his meatless body makes me want to cry.
4.   Another brother and a sister were affected by the bad flood that happened on early December. One of the worst flood in decades. My brother was not badly affected. He did not have to move and property damage not that very bad. But my sister and her family were badly affected. She has to stay at the evacuation centre for a week. And the house.. Wow.. when I went there I was speechless. 3 cupboards, 2 beds and 2 mattresses totally gone. 1/3 of clothes badly mudded that she thought cannot be saved. ¾ from the other 2/3 was mudded but still can be saved. It took about 3 days just to clean the clothes. 4-5 days to clean the house and the furniture. All the kids’ books damaged or floated by the water. Some of the coming-baby also has to be replaced. I cannot imagine how much money needed. And what is worse, monsoon season not ended yet. It will take about another 2-3 months and during those time everyone affected will always be cautious, anxious and have to be ready for evacuation, again.Image

1.     A colleague resigned in April. Quite sad because we were quite close. We did many projects together.
2.    Got a new colleague in July replacing the one who resigned. She looks okay and skillful. And of course, young. 😉
3.    I really felt I have no improvement this year. I am really worried about year-end appraisal. I hope not too bad.
4.    Still annoying at people. Haha.

Most Memorable:
1.    Umrah or small pilgrimage to Medina and Mecca during fasting month. This was like experience that everybody need to have at least one, if they can afford it. Or else straight to Hajj. Because of the construction to Masjidil-Haram, the Saudi government limits the number of visitors even until today and will be until they finished, like another more year/s. For this reason, we cannot get confirmation whether our visa approved until last minute. Really last minute like in my case the night before departure. Crazy. Any way, the trip was worth the headache. Not on the fun and relaxing side but to spiritual and religion side. I felt very lucky because i can performed this ibada in the holy fasting month. *blissfull bless*. I prayed that my ibada accepted by Allah. Insya-Allah.(I planned to make entry of this, just for my keepsakes and future reference but failed, yet again.)
2.    My flat caught fire caused by an Indonesian who cooked in his room. Though my house was not affected, but that was a bad experience. Have to live without water supply for few days and lift not functioning. for almost 3 weeks only 1 lift can be used. Imagine how long have to wait. Luckily no casualty. <entry>
3.    Attending One Ok Rock concert with a friend. A talented JRock band. Enjoyed the concert very much.

OOR concert tix
4.    Got 3rd prize in year-end company’s lucky draw. The prize was RM300 Aeon voucher. I was very very happy because I never won any lucky draw before except for those that-everyone-will-get-somebody. I wasn’t hoping. Just joining the event to see who got what. Most of team members got something. Alhamdulillah.

1.    In September, it was enough KT will be 4. Koki out. Fired. Really really sad news. Worse that when ex-a left. I never thought he would be leaving even though this was not a volunteer resignation. I always think he was the one behind Kame’s sanity. Now………. the news really affected me emotionally.
2.     Kame released a new single as Hottake Band with Tamaki Hiroshi, his co-star in Tokyo Bandwagon. I wish it was his solo though.
3.     Paul Walker passed away. Sad news is sad. I really it was a rumor. But then saw lots of pics and coverage. <Entry>T_T
4.     I lost weight. From 56kg to 49kg. Though now 51kg.



Just coming back from a 3-day trip to north. Tiring but enjoyed it very much. I’ll create another post about it later.

Started the month with a sad news of Paul Walker death, not a good sign. I was really looking forward to see him in Fast and Furious 7 next year, but the filming hasn’t completed yet and now that he passed away, I wonder how the film will turn out.

Though I am a fan of him, I don’t really follow his personal life. I only followed his works as an actor.
With the news everywhere I found out that he involved with lots of charity and has a daughter. My condolences to the family and the friend’s family.


News from CNN

Instg Tyrese

Instg Ludacris

Another sad news is, I’ve spend lots of money last weekend so I realy really in tight budget this month. I got the feeling I will spend a lot but I didn’t really planned on how much because most of the activities were not a planned one. I was planning to buy a new handbag in this year-end sale. Looks like I have to postpone it. 😦

For the first post of December 2013, of course it means the list but I got nothing new in my mind for the monthly list.The usual 2 and maybe I will edit later.

1. 2 x Taman Jaya (M) – I failed this last month mostly because of the raining and my legs cramps.
2. 1 book (M)
3. Sewing project (CF) – carrying forward from last month, again. I still has no space yet to set the sewing machine.
4. Donate clothes – Going to sort out clothes that not fit anymore but still in good condition

**CF – carry forward    M – monthly

That is all for today. Adios.


The idea is making the monthly list in the first post of the month to make it easy to find and more list-driven feeling and easy to find later. But I just have to put into account the incident that happened on 31st October which I was not able to post it on the day. So there goes the first post.

I created a new tag ‘master-list’ instead to recognize the listing and ‘list’ for the list related (already in).

Before that, today is the end of the year. Sounds wrong? No kidding. It is last day of certain year. Tomorrow a new year which we here will have public holiday. Big yay!. Well, actually the year is in Islamic calendar as today is 30 Zulhijjah 1434. New year is also called Awal Muharram which is 1st Muharram. Year 1435. Got it?..

Note to myself : Don’t forget end-year and new-year do’a. Link -> Doa

Back to the list.

  1. 2 x Tmn Jaya (M)
  2. 1 book (M)
  3. 1 sewing project (CF)
  4. Flickr – at least 3 post (CF)
  5. Baking project
  6. 1 entry on my umrah trip

**CF – carry forward    M – monthly

I might have problem with my saving this month because I have lots of must-buy stuff plus 2 wedding with 1 of it need to be a long trip.