Ending The October..

End of October 2014. Meaning another 2 months till 2015. Wow weee.
I don’t know whether this is a good news or bad news. Yet.
To cut short, here you go. (well, actually because I don’t know what else to say)

1. We had Eid eary this month. I parcitipated in the qurban. We also had small feast for Aqiqah of my 3 new nieces at my father’s house. Very tiring effort but satisfying enough because no bad incident we cannot manage especially since we kind of short of hands since my elder sisters not coming back.
2. I took 2 hours of refreshing driving-class. I am proud to say I still remember most of the techniques. Saying that, I am still not confident enough to drive a manual car on my own on the road yet. However, the teacher said, I have enough skill to drive an auto car. Just that I need to be more confident. 🙂
3. #2 means my car still with my sister than my brother. My brother needs the car now. So… 😦
4. New housemate again. It took us longer to find replacement this time. I think nowadays, people looking for luxury compared to last time. Same questions every time, washing machine, network, cable-tv. Luckily last week we got a confirmed new housemates. 2 girls sharing the room. Looks like nice girls. I hope.

Moner Matters:
1. I received a $200 money voucher from the government for ‘festive allowance- single’. I never got this before and I don’t know how my BIL did to get me this. Maybe not much but still, free money.
2. Received $100 dividen from CIMB. Yay. Another free money. Sadly this is the last one.
3. Finally bought a new handbag. Dark-red Elle handbag cum backpack. Big enough for my office docs. I got a good deal for this. 20% discount + AEON voucher, ended up I paid <$180 for the bag. Nice!!
4. One bored day in the office, I surfed the net, got me to Lelong.com.my, got me to this seller that sell cheap t-shirt. The destructive impact -> I bought 3 long sleeves t-shirts plus 1 blouse for $92 with free shipping. Though the t-shirt not as good as I expected with thin material and bigger size that the site’s measurement, I still say this is a good buy.
5. I was really in tight budget this month because of the Eid and the feast. Luckily the salary was out early this month in conjunction of Deepavali holiday. 🙂

1. Another training continued from last month. Also more meetings.The light is still very dim to me. Lots more info needed to make a clearer picture of the planning and stages.
2. Programming-wise – I am very slow to catch-up with this new stuff. A bit demotivated by this luckily my colleague is very patient with me and the A-Team not yet in the project. So we can take our time to master the new stuff. Hopefully I can produce workable result before she come to KL.

1 I had bad case of high-fever and flu. My 4 months complete attendance was tarnished by a one-day medical leave I have to take. I am grateful enough it didn’t reach worse stage.

Book read:
1. Toys – James Petterson. Not yet write the review.
2. The Collectors – David Baldacci.( I like this more that Toys). Not yet write the review.

Looking forward to November:
1. 3 of my colleagues will be in KL for the new project and also for training. Plus our new boss too. One of the colleague is the closest I have here and another one I haven’t met yet so far.
2. If all went well, I will get my car back. Hopefully. Since November will be yet another raining month, with the car, at least I have the choice to drive instead of taking public transport. Though that also means I will have extra expences too.

All in all, I think October passed by fast early in the month but after middle, it became slower.
I am dragging to get to November, though I have no idea why.


Already July and I forgot to post ‘End of the month’ entry. I felt like I was just wrote a end-of-month post few days ago. And I was not in town for few days.

Alright. Now, the delayed caps for last month. Better late than never.

End of June means we have finally come to the second half of the year.
Lets look back for the past 3 months what the-happening of the first half of 2014.

1. 4 new additions to the family. 2 nieces from my 2 younger sisters, 1 grand-niece and 1 grand-nephew.
2. A nephew getting married in March.
3. A niece getting engaged in June.
4. I got promoted though not a very happy news since the salary adjustment is one of the worst.
5. Decided to buy a car. Will get it next week or the week after. That means new house have to wait first.
6. Got new housemate. So far she is better than the older girl.
7. My goal for the saving account total accomplished in May. However this have to be re-started because of the item #5.

1. single mingle
2. no new friend
3. no holiday getaway
4. no house. or still staying in same house.
5. working here.

I didn’t read new book last month so no book review. Didn’t paint or draw anything too.

End of June, started the fasting month for Moslem. The holy month Ramadhan. It was and will be a bit challenging this year because the fasting period will be 13 hours plus the super hot weather.

Let’s pray to have  a blessfull and rahmat Ramadhan.



I was super busy. I thought with July already here, I will be less busy. How wrong I was. Still same.


Ending the April..

I can’t believe it’s already THE LAST day of April. I was very busy with work stuff, I was totally lost track of time.
What were the things that can be written about April?

1. Of course my birthday. 🙂
2. Monthly visit to my father. Unexpectedly 2 of my sisters also came back. So it was a happy family-time. Plus happy tummy-time. I think I gained about 2 kg for the 4 days.
3. More family-time. I managed to visit my new niece twice (those the only weekends I had in town)
4. Gaining weight about 2kg. I blamed to the family activities that usually involved mountain of my favourite food. Yeah.. Blame others of course. 🙂
5. Submitted my income tax which the dateline is today . Alhamdullillah. I don’t to pay anything and will get rebate instead.

1. Got free discount vouchers which I’ve already spent from Sephora and Body Shop. I bought 2-way face powder(BS) and an brown-black eyeliner (S). I really love this eyeliner from NAKED. I haven’t bought eyeliner for a long time and this one was a bit pricey. Luckily it is awesome. 🙂
2. Bought 3 new story books. I have already forgotten when was the last time I bought any.

1. A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks – finally finished this but haven’t wrote my review on it yet.

Hope to do but don’t:
1. Taking few hours photo-taking in town. Reason – unpredictable raining and tiredness.
2. Weekly-themed artwork.
(this list same as last month)

Health issues:
1. Okayish. Occasionally running nose, allergy and migraine. Nothing bad though.

1. Work-related – BUSY! involved in a new project for the government new product/plan. This project was very poorly planned. That was why I was pulled into it from last project because towards the dateline, they realized still so many tasks haven’t completed.
2. Again. The feeling of quitting the job was very BIG. To the extent that I might resign even without a new job lining up.
3. Promotion to Senior Software Engineer. Not much different though. More responsibility but with same salary as before. This bring to #4.
4. New salary + adjustment started this month. Though it was the worst I’ve ever got since I joined in this company, still, it was something. I was expecting more because of the promotion. But it seems like the increment was like any other increment without considering the promotion. Disappointed much.

My hopes and expectation for May:
1. Reading new book
2. Do the thing in the list of ‘Hope to do but don’t’.
3. Buy a car. But not a priority. Just an urge suddenly popped in my head.
4. Post more of my so-called artwork.

I thought this post will be a short list post. But I got more than 10 items in the list. 🙂

Like last month there was nothing I regretted toooooo much this month too. Like I said, I was super busy at the office, that when I reached home I was too tired. That means I wasn’t into doing any drawing and painting. I had some unfinished sketches. Maybe will finish it later next month and post it here.

Last day of the year….

Last day of the year 2013. Of course like everybody else, it is time to look back what have happened since 1st January 2013. Well, let see…………………..

1.    Perak – killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Actual event was my niece’s wedding but me and 2 of my brothers’ family stayed longer holidaying at Bukit Merah Late Town Resort. It is a water-themed park.
2.    Didn’t do any oversea travelling this year. Except for Umrah/Mecca. (more in Most Memorable)

Family matters:
1.    1 nephew engaged and 2 engaged-then-married.
2.    2 sisters pregnant, meaning I will get 2 niece/nephew/both early next year (Jan & Mac). Insya-Allah.
3.    Sad news, my brother’s condition was getting worst. He collapsed and hospitalized in last May and middle of December his right leg was severely infected by bacteria and later was amputated. I’m praying every day that he will get better. Totally recover from diabetes and kidney dyfunction is quite impossible unless there is a miracle but at least he will not getting worse. Seeing his meatless body makes me want to cry.
4.   Another brother and a sister were affected by the bad flood that happened on early December. One of the worst flood in decades. My brother was not badly affected. He did not have to move and property damage not that very bad. But my sister and her family were badly affected. She has to stay at the evacuation centre for a week. And the house.. Wow.. when I went there I was speechless. 3 cupboards, 2 beds and 2 mattresses totally gone. 1/3 of clothes badly mudded that she thought cannot be saved. ¾ from the other 2/3 was mudded but still can be saved. It took about 3 days just to clean the clothes. 4-5 days to clean the house and the furniture. All the kids’ books damaged or floated by the water. Some of the coming-baby also has to be replaced. I cannot imagine how much money needed. And what is worse, monsoon season not ended yet. It will take about another 2-3 months and during those time everyone affected will always be cautious, anxious and have to be ready for evacuation, again.Image

1.     A colleague resigned in April. Quite sad because we were quite close. We did many projects together.
2.    Got a new colleague in July replacing the one who resigned. She looks okay and skillful. And of course, young. 😉
3.    I really felt I have no improvement this year. I am really worried about year-end appraisal. I hope not too bad.
4.    Still annoying at people. Haha.

Most Memorable:
1.    Umrah or small pilgrimage to Medina and Mecca during fasting month. This was like experience that everybody need to have at least one, if they can afford it. Or else straight to Hajj. Because of the construction to Masjidil-Haram, the Saudi government limits the number of visitors even until today and will be until they finished, like another more year/s. For this reason, we cannot get confirmation whether our visa approved until last minute. Really last minute like in my case the night before departure. Crazy. Any way, the trip was worth the headache. Not on the fun and relaxing side but to spiritual and religion side. I felt very lucky because i can performed this ibada in the holy fasting month. *blissfull bless*. I prayed that my ibada accepted by Allah. Insya-Allah.(I planned to make entry of this, just for my keepsakes and future reference but failed, yet again.)
2.    My flat caught fire caused by an Indonesian who cooked in his room. Though my house was not affected, but that was a bad experience. Have to live without water supply for few days and lift not functioning. for almost 3 weeks only 1 lift can be used. Imagine how long have to wait. Luckily no casualty. <entry>
3.    Attending One Ok Rock concert with a friend. A talented JRock band. Enjoyed the concert very much.

OOR concert tix
4.    Got 3rd prize in year-end company’s lucky draw. The prize was RM300 Aeon voucher. I was very very happy because I never won any lucky draw before except for those that-everyone-will-get-somebody. I wasn’t hoping. Just joining the event to see who got what. Most of team members got something. Alhamdulillah.

1.    In September, it was enough KT will be 4. Koki out. Fired. Really really sad news. Worse that when ex-a left. I never thought he would be leaving even though this was not a volunteer resignation. I always think he was the one behind Kame’s sanity. Now………. the news really affected me emotionally.
2.     Kame released a new single as Hottake Band with Tamaki Hiroshi, his co-star in Tokyo Bandwagon. I wish it was his solo though.
3.     Paul Walker passed away. Sad news is sad. I really it was a rumor. But then saw lots of pics and coverage. <Entry>T_T
4.     I lost weight. From 56kg to 49kg. Though now 51kg.



Just coming back from a 3-day trip to north. Tiring but enjoyed it very much. I’ll create another post about it later.

Started the month with a sad news of Paul Walker death, not a good sign. I was really looking forward to see him in Fast and Furious 7 next year, but the filming hasn’t completed yet and now that he passed away, I wonder how the film will turn out.

Though I am a fan of him, I don’t really follow his personal life. I only followed his works as an actor.
With the news everywhere I found out that he involved with lots of charity and has a daughter. My condolences to the family and the friend’s family.


News from CNN

Instg Tyrese

Instg Ludacris

Another sad news is, I’ve spend lots of money last weekend so I realy really in tight budget this month. I got the feeling I will spend a lot but I didn’t really planned on how much because most of the activities were not a planned one. I was planning to buy a new handbag in this year-end sale. Looks like I have to postpone it. 😦

For the first post of December 2013, of course it means the list but I got nothing new in my mind for the monthly list.The usual 2 and maybe I will edit later.

1. 2 x Taman Jaya (M) – I failed this last month mostly because of the raining and my legs cramps.
2. 1 book (M)
3. Sewing project (CF) – carrying forward from last month, again. I still has no space yet to set the sewing machine.
4. Donate clothes – Going to sort out clothes that not fit anymore but still in good condition

**CF – carry forward    M – monthly

That is all for today. Adios.

Nov-List:#2 – Book: The Hard Way by Lee Child

This is the third book from Lee Child I’ve read. Though I enjoyed Bad Luck and Trouble more compared to this book, it is still a book that I would recommend.

I give 4/5 stars to this book.
From Goodreads <Links>
In Lee Child’s astonishing thriller, ex–military cop Reacher sees more than most people would…and because of that, he’s thrust into an explosive situation that’s about to blow up in his face. For the only way to find the truth—and save two innocent lives—is to do it the way Jack Reacher does it best: the hard way….

Jack Reacher was alone, the way he liked it, soaking up the hot, electric New York City night, watching a man cross the street to a parked Mercedes and drive it away. The car contained one million dollars in ransom money. And Edward Lane, the man who paid it, will pay even more to get his family back. Lane runs a highly illegal soldiers-for-hire operation. He will use any amount of money and any tool to find his beautiful wife and child. And then he’ll turn Jack Reacher loose with a vengeance—because Reacher is the best man hunter in the world.

On the trail of a vicious kidnapper, Reacher is learning the chilling secrets of his employer’s past…and of a horrific drama in the heart of a nasty little war. He’s beginning to realize that Edward Lane is hiding something. Something dirty. Something big. But Reacher also knows this: he’s already in way too deep to stop now.

1. I love the suspend, the twist and the thrill of not knowing which the good guys and the bad guys. On the surface, it looked like Lane was the victim. Set to save the kidnapped wife and step-daughter for the husband, it ended 180 degree to saving them from the husband. The twist was very not expected and became more and more interesting. I love that my predictions have to be reassessed few times along the way.

2. Given the above comment, of course to say I love the plot. I like how the relationship between Reacher and Pauling developed. Not too messy and cheesy but the link was there. (Maybe because the author was a guy??) And I love the ending too. Good wrapped up.

3. The characters – Jack Reacher is the hero alright. Lee Child has this inclination of making that all Navy, Marines, Seal, SAS or all of those military units were so superior. It was like a common opinion that once a person said he was from xxx unit, then he must be exceptionally good soldier (I don’t know what else to call except soldier). I don’t really have a problem with that. Just a note.

4. Like both previous books I read, I am still cannot visualize how Reacher can live that way. Without luggage. Without routines. Without contacts. Though I am much a loner myself, I totally cannot imagine taking turn like that. At least I have families that I am always in contacts especially my father which I visited almost religiously once a month.

Lee Child’s One Shot has been adapted to a motion picture a.k.a a movie. I haven’t read the book and most probably wont but I watched the movie. Result:Okayish. Tom Cruise definitely not my choice to play Jack Reacher because I imagine, he supposed to be taller and rogue, not a pretty face.

My colleagues watched the movie too and they totally not liking it. At all. One of them even fell asleep in the cinema. ^_^

End-of October bla bla and the List..

Last day of the month October in year 2013. I wonder what have I done this month that have bring changes to myself or others.

Well, I cooked nasi minyak on Hari Raya though not as good as I hope. First trial plus missing few ingredients. So my verdict, it is acceptable. At least my father ate it without complaint since he always complained about my cooking. Haha. 😀

Finally my father’s house sliding doors has curtains now. If waiting for my father, maybe until Eid next year.  I took the initiative of pushing him (a.k.a nagging), and finally a day before Raya, we got ourselves new curtains. (i forgot to take a photo of it).  Yosh!!

What else.. Had breakfast with my elder sister. We havent done this, like for ages. I brought her to a famous nasi lemak place near my office called Village Park. She talked a lot like a one-sided conversation. I think she hasn’t being able to talk that much for a long time because she was like pouring everything. (LOL). Maybe she has no one to listen to her without being judged.. One of her main ‘topics’ was new ideas or projects that she was thinking. Mind you, my sister is the richest among all of my siblings. So her ideas always comes with ‘money not an issue’ and that, my dear, kind of annoying a bit. But like always ‘masuk telinga kiri kuar telinga kanan daaa’. At least now she got a new place to bring her kids for breakfast.

Let’s talk about my Oct list. Let see..Hmmm.. Definitely, few items will be carry forward to next month which will start tomorrow.

Master List

1. Approximately to 50kg. Now I am 52kg. -> According to my weight scale, I am in between 50kg – 50.5kg. I think I can say ‘Mission accomplished’. Though I wonder how long I can maintain this?
2. 2 x tmn jaya – Done ( I am going to this as monthly goal)  – entry
3. Save >500. This is a bit challenging because I predicted big speding during Raya Qurban.-> Done.
4. 1 sewing project -> carry forward. No choice because I need space to put my sewaing machine but sadly I have none right now. I need to box some stuffs first.
5. 1 new book – Done ( I read more than 1 actually). Entry
6. 1 blog entry – either – lj,blospt,wordpress – Well with this entry I have achieved this, right? Or maybe I need to challenge myself more. -> Done
7. Flickr – at least 3 pics. I have lots of pics in my ‘store’ but tooooo lazy to edit/resize and post it. -> Failed. No excuses except laziness.
8. 1 spa + 1 facial, I bought Groupon Spa package. Hope I didnt waste it like the last one. -> Carry forward. Every time I tried to set appointment, their schedule always full. Beyond my control already.

I’m going to start coming up with new list for November later. Item #2 and #5 plus the ‘carry forward’ items will be in the list, of course.