Yeah, still alive..

Yup. As the title, I am still alive and kicking. Just no update here.

Early this year, I have a number of projects that I have planned for this blog, or even not for blog, still something to do for this year. Sadly, none materialized.

Reason being, I was and still am too busy with work. Though the projects supposed to distract me from work-stressed, but still in the end, I just have no energy. One major contribution also because of me myself. I have no motivation whatsoever.

Bright sunflowers

Bright sunflowers

Wish that I can be a bright as this sunflowers. Shining..

Coffee time at Strand Archade

Coffee time at Strand Arcade

This shot was from my trip to Sydney end of last year. I didn’t have lots of time for sight-seeing. This was a few hours that I managed to get away from work. Nice ambience. Cute waiters (yeah this is important). Nice coffee. Very relaxing.