Ending the August..

This was supposed to be posted last Sunday. But I was not sure what happened, it failed to post even after 3 trials.
Since I’ve already has the entry, and even though it was past August, I posted today.
Sunday was a special day. It was my country’s 57th Independent Day. Lot of fireworks. Since I was at my hometown, so most fireworks I can only hear not see. The big ones I can only watched in television. If I were at my house, I can clearly see the fireworks everywhere. But still since the tragedy of #MH17, the national celebration was not as big as we always had. Just fireworks and marching in the national stadium. Previous years, we had open houses, concerts, traditional events and stuff.For me not a really big lost. At least we can use the budget to different thing. Unless the ministers put the extra money in their own pockets, then I’ll get angry.

Anyway, back to the end-of-month list.

1. Still in Eid mood. Lots of open houses. That means lots of food. And that means, I gained back few grams that I lost during fasting month. 🙂
2. My father came to KL for the medical check-up. Follow up of the last month knee-infection operation. So again another family gathering.
3. On 15th, new niece. Named Keisya Zara, was born early few days than the original due date. Welcome to the family! That means I have 3 new nieces this year. So far. 😉

4. My eldest sister contacted with the dangerous dengue fever. Then later her son. But her son got it worst than her. They both spent about 2 weeks of daily check-up and blood test. Plus each was admitted 2-3 days in the hospital at different time. Quite bad.
5. Spring cleaning half of my closet. Yes, half-only. Because I need spaces if I want to clean all. So will continue in Spetember. I hope. 🙂
6. The highlight of the month. A housemate left the house. Sadly this has became a bad experince. It happened that the girl I thought stayed at my house was actually already moved out and found a replacement. However, this new girl after 2 weeks, decided she didn’t like the house and moved out without telling any of us and while we were away for a long Eid holiday. That means we (2 of remaining housemates) have to bear the rent and bills for August since no deposit passed to us. So we were desperate for new housemate/s. It was not easy because the previous girl (the second last) still has her stuff in the house, and created a mess. Secondly, we don’t have the luxury of washing machine, cabel TV and internet which limits the candidate especialy the working ladies. Ended, we got 2 univ students which still young and don’t mind the lack of stuff. Hope this ones can stay longer and wont create trouble.

1. Bought a car. Well.. Actually I bought and got the car end of July. Sadly, until now, I haven’t really drove it yet since I was planning to take driving-refreshing class. It was hard to find driving school that provide this class. I knew a few did before but they don’t have it anymore.
2. Not for me but few stuff as souvenirs for my collegues at Sydney. Glad that they love it.

1. Fast Track – Julie Garwood – finally finished this and the review already posted here
2. Bombshell – Catherine Coulter – no review yet
3. Final Target – Iris Johansen – no review yet
4. Firestorm – Iris Johansen – no review yet

Hope to do but don’t:
1. Driving class – simply because I have no weekend to spare

1. Work-related – BUSY again! from the same government projects.
2. My new boss from Sydney came for a visit and get to know us. It was nice to finally meet her since before this we can only hear her voice via teleconference. She is a sweet and chatty lady. This is my first time I have a lady boss in my entire career. Refreshing I would say. Good? No comment yet.

My hopes and expectation for September:
1. Better budget thingy.
2. Do the thing in the list of ‘Hope to do but don’t’.
3. Reading more of the books that keep collecting dust on the shelves.
4. Post more of my so-called artwork. Maybe participating 29Faces challenge like I did in February.

I was blessed with good health in August. Though few of my family member not as lucky. Nothing big happened except that lots of Eid gathering, meaning food and food everywhere.


Review(Book) : 2014-6 Fast Track by Julie Garwood

Synopsis and reviews from Goodreads. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18693854-fast-track

This is the latest book from Julie Garwood which just was just released in July 2014.
The main hero and heroine and most of other characters were introduced and appeared in ‘The Murder List’ and ‘Fire and Ice’. Both were good books though I like ‘The Murder List’ more.

The story (read the synosis in the GR link above).

Basically, Cordelia Kane just lost her father and found out the her mother still alive. Somehow her father’s lifetime suffering choice by devoting himself to the one-sided/unrequited love towards her mother has made her realized she didn’t want to be in the same misery. And Aidan Hamilton, just started to appreciate Cordelia more after she started turning away from him. That’s normal.

The Kane’s family conflict was when Cordelia decided to let her mother know of her existence somehow resulted the attempted murder. It turned out that Cordelia, as the first born of her mother, inherited a big share of the family business, which didn’t sit well with her grandfather
And greed started showing its fan. Grrr..

The predicament gave reason for Aidan to hog Cordie to live in his suite. (yes, suite) With him. With the help of sneaky Alex Buchanan. The way Aidan treated Cordie when she was injured just very sweet and made you daydreaming of you bf/husband.
Well, if your other half was that rich..

I kept waiting for the explosive climax of the story, but I was dissapointed. Same as the last 2 books, Sweet Talker and Hotshot, this book also didn’t give me that big WOW feeling. The Cordie’s family conflict ended in few sentences and the love affairs also ended in few sentences.
And again, everyone was so perfect.

I gave the book 4.5 out of 5. I would still recommend it for the romance elements.

**I have a friend who didn’t like this book saying that everyone was sooo perfect. True.

Already July and I forgot to post ‘End of the month’ entry. I felt like I was just wrote a end-of-month post few days ago. And I was not in town for few days.

Alright. Now, the delayed caps for last month. Better late than never.

End of June means we have finally come to the second half of the year.
Lets look back for the past 3 months what the-happening of the first half of 2014.

1. 4 new additions to the family. 2 nieces from my 2 younger sisters, 1 grand-niece and 1 grand-nephew.
2. A nephew getting married in March.
3. A niece getting engaged in June.
4. I got promoted though not a very happy news since the salary adjustment is one of the worst.
5. Decided to buy a car. Will get it next week or the week after. That means new house have to wait first.
6. Got new housemate. So far she is better than the older girl.
7. My goal for the saving account total accomplished in May. However this have to be re-started because of the item #5.

1. single mingle
2. no new friend
3. no holiday getaway
4. no house. or still staying in same house.
5. working here.

I didn’t read new book last month so no book review. Didn’t paint or draw anything too.

End of June, started the fasting month for Moslem. The holy month Ramadhan. It was and will be a bit challenging this year because the fasting period will be 13 hours plus the super hot weather.

Let’s pray to have  a blessfull and rahmat Ramadhan.



I was super busy. I thought with July already here, I will be less busy. How wrong I was. Still same.


Happy Mother’s Day.


ImageHappy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world.

I envy those who still has the chance to celebrate with their mothers. Not that I celebrate it before, since my late mother didn’t like this kind of thing, but most of the time, I did something or bought something for her. The last gift I gave was a handmade sequin handbag because she loved these crafty thing. I bought it in Bali. She was so happy she got it. I am not sure whether she got the chance to use it because few weeks after that she passed away.

I know I wasn’t the best daughter. We did have our ups and downs. I know sometime I did hurt her. I had this very bad temper that sometimes it exploded without thinking of the consequences. My mother such a soft person. She rarely mad at me. Or my siblings. I guess that was the reason why after losing my temper, the guilt and regret as high as a mountain. But she never hold it against me.

One of the thing she worried most about me was me not married. She didn’t want me to be alone. She wanted me to have somebody that will take care of me like I did taking care of my siblings. She wanted me to have kids. Her idea was I’ll be more secured with a husband besides me. Though I wasn’t really agreed with her, but I think she carried that worries with her till the last day.

Today 12th May, is 4th anniversary she leaving this world to another, eternity one. I never forgot her. I miss her a lot. She is always in my prayer.

I hope I have the chance to meet you again one day.


Love you,

Review(Book) : 2014-5 A Walk To Remember – Nicholas Sparks

I watched the movie ages ago. I remember I didn’t have any expectation because I only know Mandy Moore as a singer and not really a fan. And this was my only Shane West movie I watched at the time. Plus I was not exposed to Nicholas Sparks’ work. I was surprised that I like the movie.
I was planning to read the book which it was based on but soo forgot about it. Few weeks ago, I found the book in my favorite bookstore and bought it.

Pics from Goodreads

Synosis from Goodreads

Character : Jamie Sullivan, Langdon Carter, Hegbert Sullivan (Jamie’s father)

The story: Jamie a good-dooer, quite, daughter of baptist’s minister. Met Langdon, the opposite personality.
Well, opposite attracts.

The interaction started when Langdon joined the drama class which he thought would be an easy way to gain credit with no test. There also Jamie which even though he knew her since childhood but not really know her.

One conversation then another then another. Jamie brought the good in Langdon even though he tried very hard not to, especially because of the little communications they had, Langdon became subject of ridicule of his friends. No bad things but neverheless embarrassing for the teenager.

They later involved in a Christmas play. Langdon and Jamie became the lead characters. They began to get closer.
Langdon getting to know ‘Jamie’ inside of Jamie. And of course, attracted to her, against his wish.

When he realized that he was falling in love with Jamie, he found out a bomb-worthy news. Jamie was dying of leukemia. This was where the story started getting teary. The story continued of how they faced the remaineing days of Jamie’s life.

Towards the ending, few drops of tears escaped my eyes which is quite rare. I am not a romantic type. Lovers tragedy maybe touched me but rarely emitted tears. I am more sensitive to family tragedy especially that involved parents. So this is telling something about the book.

By the way, the story narrated by Langdon character that actually 50++ years old. So there were some comparison what was at the time and what was now (in current Langdon’s age)

The story was too short for my liking. I like longer story. (not the complaint about the book actually)
The plot was good but too monotous in my opinion. It was like a straight flat line without much of ups and downs.
It is good for light reading but when I started reading I was expecting more drama.

Like I said, I watched the movie agesss ago. So I dont really remember whether the movie followed the book or not.
But most review I’ve read saying the literature form is better then the movie part.
Maybe I need to rewatch the movie too.

I gave 4.2/5 and would recommend this book.

Ending the April..

I can’t believe it’s already THE LAST day of April. I was very busy with work stuff, I was totally lost track of time.
What were the things that can be written about April?

1. Of course my birthday. 🙂
2. Monthly visit to my father. Unexpectedly 2 of my sisters also came back. So it was a happy family-time. Plus happy tummy-time. I think I gained about 2 kg for the 4 days.
3. More family-time. I managed to visit my new niece twice (those the only weekends I had in town)
4. Gaining weight about 2kg. I blamed to the family activities that usually involved mountain of my favourite food. Yeah.. Blame others of course. 🙂
5. Submitted my income tax which the dateline is today . Alhamdullillah. I don’t to pay anything and will get rebate instead.

1. Got free discount vouchers which I’ve already spent from Sephora and Body Shop. I bought 2-way face powder(BS) and an brown-black eyeliner (S). I really love this eyeliner from NAKED. I haven’t bought eyeliner for a long time and this one was a bit pricey. Luckily it is awesome. 🙂
2. Bought 3 new story books. I have already forgotten when was the last time I bought any.

1. A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks – finally finished this but haven’t wrote my review on it yet.

Hope to do but don’t:
1. Taking few hours photo-taking in town. Reason – unpredictable raining and tiredness.
2. Weekly-themed artwork.
(this list same as last month)

Health issues:
1. Okayish. Occasionally running nose, allergy and migraine. Nothing bad though.

1. Work-related – BUSY! involved in a new project for the government new product/plan. This project was very poorly planned. That was why I was pulled into it from last project because towards the dateline, they realized still so many tasks haven’t completed.
2. Again. The feeling of quitting the job was very BIG. To the extent that I might resign even without a new job lining up.
3. Promotion to Senior Software Engineer. Not much different though. More responsibility but with same salary as before. This bring to #4.
4. New salary + adjustment started this month. Though it was the worst I’ve ever got since I joined in this company, still, it was something. I was expecting more because of the promotion. But it seems like the increment was like any other increment without considering the promotion. Disappointed much.

My hopes and expectation for May:
1. Reading new book
2. Do the thing in the list of ‘Hope to do but don’t’.
3. Buy a car. But not a priority. Just an urge suddenly popped in my head.
4. Post more of my so-called artwork.

I thought this post will be a short list post. But I got more than 10 items in the list. 🙂

Like last month there was nothing I regretted toooooo much this month too. Like I said, I was super busy at the office, that when I reached home I was too tired. That means I wasn’t into doing any drawing and painting. I had some unfinished sketches. Maybe will finish it later next month and post it here.

Random posting..

I planned to include some works in yesterday’s post but the net was so lagging, i cannot upload any of this.

So here comes some of the works that I did last week. Still has some that not yet included though.

Kochi kochi..

Lazy cat staring at me..

A happy cat..


Butterfly aiming for the flower

Posted early today because I will be having family time later this afternoon. We going to have a bbq dinner at my sister’s house. Going to be fun.

Have a good weekend.!!