Review(Book) : 2014-6 Fast Track by Julie Garwood

Synopsis and reviews from Goodreads.

This is the latest book from Julie Garwood which just was just released in July 2014.
The main hero and heroine and most of other characters were introduced and appeared in ‘The Murder List’ and ‘Fire and Ice’. Both were good books though I like ‘The Murder List’ more.

The story (read the synosis in the GR link above).

Basically, Cordelia Kane just lost her father and found out the her mother still alive. Somehow her father’s lifetime suffering choice by devoting himself to the one-sided/unrequited love towards her mother has made her realized she didn’t want to be in the same misery. And Aidan Hamilton, just started to appreciate Cordelia more after she started turning away from him. That’s normal.

The Kane’s family conflict was when Cordelia decided to let her mother know of her existence somehow resulted the attempted murder. It turned out that Cordelia, as the first born of her mother, inherited a big share of the family business, which didn’t sit well with her grandfather
And greed started showing its fan. Grrr..

The predicament gave reason for Aidan to hog Cordie to live in his suite. (yes, suite) With him. With the help of sneaky Alex Buchanan. The way Aidan treated Cordie when she was injured just very sweet and made you daydreaming of you bf/husband.
Well, if your other half was that rich..

I kept waiting for the explosive climax of the story, but I was dissapointed. Same as the last 2 books, Sweet Talker and Hotshot, this book also didn’t give me that big WOW feeling. The Cordie’s family conflict ended in few sentences and the love affairs also ended in few sentences.
And again, everyone was so perfect.

I gave the book 4.5 out of 5. I would still recommend it for the romance elements.

**I have a friend who didn’t like this book saying that everyone was sooo perfect. True.


Review(Book) : 2014-5 A Walk To Remember – Nicholas Sparks

I watched the movie ages ago. I remember I didn’t have any expectation because I only know Mandy Moore as a singer and not really a fan. And this was my only Shane West movie I watched at the time. Plus I was not exposed to Nicholas Sparks’ work. I was surprised that I like the movie.
I was planning to read the book which it was based on but soo forgot about it. Few weeks ago, I found the book in my favorite bookstore and bought it.

Pics from Goodreads

Synosis from Goodreads

Character : Jamie Sullivan, Langdon Carter, Hegbert Sullivan (Jamie’s father)

The story: Jamie a good-dooer, quite, daughter of baptist’s minister. Met Langdon, the opposite personality.
Well, opposite attracts.

The interaction started when Langdon joined the drama class which he thought would be an easy way to gain credit with no test. There also Jamie which even though he knew her since childhood but not really know her.

One conversation then another then another. Jamie brought the good in Langdon even though he tried very hard not to, especially because of the little communications they had, Langdon became subject of ridicule of his friends. No bad things but neverheless embarrassing for the teenager.

They later involved in a Christmas play. Langdon and Jamie became the lead characters. They began to get closer.
Langdon getting to know ‘Jamie’ inside of Jamie. And of course, attracted to her, against his wish.

When he realized that he was falling in love with Jamie, he found out a bomb-worthy news. Jamie was dying of leukemia. This was where the story started getting teary. The story continued of how they faced the remaineing days of Jamie’s life.

Towards the ending, few drops of tears escaped my eyes which is quite rare. I am not a romantic type. Lovers tragedy maybe touched me but rarely emitted tears. I am more sensitive to family tragedy especially that involved parents. So this is telling something about the book.

By the way, the story narrated by Langdon character that actually 50++ years old. So there were some comparison what was at the time and what was now (in current Langdon’s age)

The story was too short for my liking. I like longer story. (not the complaint about the book actually)
The plot was good but too monotous in my opinion. It was like a straight flat line without much of ups and downs.
It is good for light reading but when I started reading I was expecting more drama.

Like I said, I watched the movie agesss ago. So I dont really remember whether the movie followed the book or not.
But most review I’ve read saying the literature form is better then the movie part.
Maybe I need to rewatch the movie too.

I gave 4.2/5 and would recommend this book.

Review(Book) : 2014-4 Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard

Image from Goodreads

Another book by Linda Howard.
Why this book? I was ready to read another of her book after a bit of dissapointment of her previous books that I’ve read.

Synopsis and review from Goodreads

Character : Cam Justice, Bailey Wingate, Brett, Sean , Karen, Tamzin, Lucas + Peach
Synopsis : A young widow of a late milloinnaire was set for a vacation with her brother and his family. Chartered a private plane that flied by Cam Justice for a supposedly safe and simple flight, something amissed and the engines died and the plane crashed at a mountain area.

The main story was about how they survived the crash and the effort on how to stay alive
with very limited supplies of food under a very cold and snowy weather plus multiple injuries with lacking medical attention and medical supplies. During this survival, they learned that their impressions of one another was not justified. They changed 180 degrees and found the personalities underneath the surface appearance layers.

Also, found out that the plane was sabotaged and started to think of who might be the culprit. The real culprit was unpredictable and interesting.

Like always, don’t judge the book by its cover. Mrs. appeared to be a snob turned out to be different. Well, actually both have almost same expression of another. Snob, arrogant, thinking too high of her/himself and such.

The tragedy opened their eyes to see beyond the physical appearances and seek the pleasant personalities underneath. Though this is not a different and unusual method of introducing the characters, but it has some meaning to the real life.

How many times have we judged a person without getting to know the person? Some people just have a glance at another and already form the impression and opinion. I know I did that sometimes. And I know others did that to me too. Though in my case even though I am not fond of that person from the first impression, it wont stop me from getting to know or being good to him/her. I dont know whether it is a good thing or bad one, usually my first impression of a person is a correct one.

Result: 4.2/5. Likeable. Readable. Repeat? Maybe. Recommend? Yes with caution.

Review(Book) : 2014-3 The Mercy by Julie Garwood

I love reading a new book without knowing how the ending might be. Or the plot conflicts. Or the hidden bad guys. But sometimes I also love to re-read my favourite books. Especially when I were in reading with no thinking needed.

During this state, usually I would pick up a romance book and my favourite usually Linda Howard and Julie Garwood. Mercy is one of my favourite Julie Garwood’s book and most preferred for re-reading. I’ve lost count of how many time I read this book and every time, after the last sentence, I still have the satisfaction feeling.

Synopsis from Goodreads

The characters: Theo Buchanan (yes, another Buchanan) was a judge Dept attorney. Met Michelle renard, a young gifted doctor that hold no big ambition except to serve her community in a small town Bowen instead of taking big and high-profile practice in New Orlean. Michelle saved Theo’s life when she met him, accidentally in a hotel which they went for 2 seperate reasons.

Anyway, Theo couldn’t seem to forget Michelle and went to her hometown. And this was where the setting of the story.

Also came to picture, Noah Clairborne (which appeared in 2-3 other JG books plus one with him as main character) and John Paul, Michelle brother which later has a book dedicated to him.

Antigonists: The Sowing Club members especially John as main. Others were Cameron, Preston and Dallas plus the assassine Monk.
The plot: well, of course on how the antagonists trying to get and kill the hero and heroine of course. (vain synopsis, haha).

What I like about this book: The humor-one of my favourite was where Theo was misunderstood as the town’s school new football coach.
Another one when Jake Renard (Michelle’s father) trying to ‘help’ Michelle to hook Theo by asking neighbours and friends sending various dishes with note the Michelle’s cooked it.
And another on how Jake manipulated and taking advantage of Theo. Every time ‘Big Daddy said you..’ to Theo made me chuckled.

Not really like: Michelle was too perfect

Review(Book) : 2014-2 The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner

The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner

The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner

I bought the book like 3 years ago. This is my first Lisa Gardner book.
Reason to choose : I got a book discount voucher and not many books to choose to. Other books either non-fiction, not ‘good-looking’ enough, too heavy/deep or I’ve read it. So I ended up with this.
Amazon synopsis

My comment:
The characters’ introductions were good. Not too detail and not too shallow. Every each characters has different personality from the others. Especially for the 3 members of the Survivors Club, Jillian Hayes, Carol Rosen, and Meg Pesaturo,  totally different personalities, from family background, age and status. You might wonder whether these ladies really can be together, become buddy just because they were once a victim of same rapist. These ladies have to survived from the nightmare of being terrorized by the rapist, facing the media and society and have pushed the authority to escalate the investigation.

Detective Sergeant Roan Griffin, the lead of the case, just started working after 18 months leave (wish I could have that) has his own baggage to carry and demon to fight. His own old case was good enough to be a book of itself (maybe it was but I have not research other Lisa Gardner works yet).

The plot was good. The College Hills Rapist that was assassinated later left doubt to authority and civilian of his innocent. Kind of giving me a flash of John Grisham’s The Confession. Just a flash not that roller coaster feeling though. The killing definitely a hired gun. The question was who hired him? And of course the main suspect was the Survivors Club or their family.

The twist of event where at the beginning, you suspected the current criminal but instead you have to look and dig deeper into history. Plus, I like that the solution gradually came and formed instead of one great idea or conclusion since the beginning of their investigation.

I also like the idea that LG called it Survivors Club instead of Victims Club. Instead of stamped yourself as ‘victim’ forever, now you can call yourself as a victim that survived from being a victim and continues life as a survivor. Some sort.

Detective Mike Waters has become different kind of ‘victim’ related to David Price. Well, at least there was consolation hint of romance for him at the end.

David Price’s case was interesting and I can see as one of the cases for Criminal Minds series. Serial kidnapper and killer, same MO, and definitely has behavioural issues. Yes, totally recommended for Criminal Minds.

My not-so-good comment : too many flashback made me feel like I missed a prequel book. And the book has white cover and now, after few years it has dotted yellow already.

I give 4.5/5 for this book. Yay!!

I found that I like Lisa Gardner’s writing style. I might be looking for more of her books. I hope this is not the best of her books.

Review(Book) : 2014-1 Kiss Her Goodbye

I bought the book because I was bored while accompanying my friend. I was restraining myself from buying new books because I have a lot that I haven’t read yet plus I have no space for more books and no budget. However, like I said I was bored and my friend needed $2.60 more to get more discount. So I bought this. Only for $3. I have no idea of the author and the story. It just that this is the most interesting looking book in that section. 🙂 Amazon Synopsis Started reading, I was like ‘Oh! This is good.’ and can’t seem to leave the book after that. The first few chapters of a book is really important to capture the interest of the reader. I think the book accomplished that feat. At least to me. The story was engaging. ATF agent, Jack Donovan racing against time to save his daughter sounds like just another story. But I like how Robert Gregory Browne wrote about how desperate and hopeless he felt when the main person who knew the whereabout of his daughter was shot and how confused he was when he lost few hours of his time and finding the next person who knew died. As much as I like the book though, the few last chapters kind of cooling the heat for me. The supernatural thingy. I didn’t expect those elements coming from this book. I haven’t read any books by this author. Maybe that is his common forte. However I am still recommended the book and still consider it is a good book. Though I do know few friends who won’t like it. 🙂 I gave 4.3 / 5. Why .3? I don’t know. Haha. *very short review because my brain is blank right now. 😦