Final batch of 29Faces challenge


As I mentioned in the last post, I didn’t successfully created 29 faces works. I am disappointed but at the same time I am still happy with the works that I managed to complete.
Here is the final batch of Sept 2014 29 Faces Challenge.

#13 Full pencil color.


 #14 Last one. Pencil and pencil color. I decided to leave the face with only pencil shading.



This links all my work. Here

Link to Ayala page 29Faces.

* Still not good at shading but I think a bit better than before. Well, I had few practices unlike when I was in February.

*New this time: I used oil pastel in more than 2 works. That is a big deal to me because I really cannot handle oil pastel. Hard to control, not a sharp point and number 1 challenge, very messy. I saluted those who chose oil pastel as their favourite medium.

Till next time. Jya ne..


****note:not really sure actually if this due on 29 Sept or 30 Sept. Anyway…


Next batch – Faces #5 onwards.

Though I managed to find some times to draw, sadly, I can’t take time to post. Weird. I thought drawing and painting would be the tougher task.
The reason, No time to make a post and when I got time, the network decided to fail me.
Uploading pics was really challenging.
Anyway, here is the next batch.

#5 Using watercolor.


#6 Fully water color again. This was inspired by a character by Murasakibara from Kuroko no Basuke. Murasakibara was crying when he lost a match against Kuroko. Murasaki is purple in Japanese hence the hair color.

#7. Pencil sketch. actually I sketched this before #5 and #6. But I wasn’t sure how the finishing should be. In the end I left it as a sketch only.


#8. Random sketch. I used copics to color the hair and glass frame. I’m not sure who was this guy. 🙂


#9. I called her Aunty Anne. Colored with oil paster and pencil color. Oil pastel on the face. I mixed using fingers to get smoother surface.


#10. Random pencil sketch again.


#11. My attempt to sketch my hairless niece. She loves to ‘eat’ her hand. And here she still trying to eat her hand. She still too young to understand you are not supposed to eat your hand but eat with your hand. 😀


#12. Full pencil color. A girl with colorful turban.


Few more to go. Will post the final batch tomorrow.
Sadly this time around, I didn’t manage to produce 29 faces as I did last February. I am still happy with the result.

*edited: last night the page didn’t properly displayed after I posted. Therefore, I didn’t realize some of the photo need to be rotated.  🙂

Faces – #3 -#4.

Next batch. Though I am happy with the result but sadly I cannot do justice to the works I’ve done with this photos. I cannot get the correct setting so that the photo giving the real colors and shading. 😦

Face #3 – copic marker and oil pastel


Face #4 – totally oil pastel. i was a bit reluctant to try this oil pastel or crayon because I always made a mess of it. same with this time. the green background was a counter measure because after finished with the hair, i realized the messy red accidental background. that was why i added the green. 🙂


29 Faces Challenge – Second Try – Startto

The 29Faces challenge by Ayala Art is here again. I participated the February one. It was challenging because I was just started in this artsy thingy. Started drawing, sketching, painting. Started to get to know different medium and techniques.

Very ambitious of me. I didn’t expect to create a complete 29 pieces. Surprisingly I did. I was proud of myself and I don’t really care about the quality. I was not very talented one and still not. But it was something fun to try, as long as I didn’t overcriticized myself and overstressed with the need to finish the 29 pieces. I was going easy and experimenting this and that.

I haven’t decided whether to join the September challenge. Not because I have already lost interest but simply I am busy with work. Usually after office hours, reached home, my idea of finishing the day was taking shower, late supper and sleep.

That said, I felt like not complete if I didn’t participate. So I decided to have a go. Hopefully I can create few pieces even not the complete 29 faces.
Best of luck, Anna. !!

Link for 29faces Sept2014.


Face #1. Pencil Sketch. (I still have problem with nose and shading)

Face #2. Pencil color sketch.

Life rambling and some works….

April is my birthday month. Yeah, I’m getting older his month.

Weirdly, as many has pointed out to me, I am not really concerned about age or getting older. I mean, what can I do about my process of ageing? Not that I stop it if I want, right?

So I just go with the flow. Make changes a bit here and there, appropriate with the age like way of dressing. and try hardest to live as happy as I can. No use of worrying about wrinkle. Okay. That’s a lie. I do fretting when I saw lines under my eyes. But I’m not losing my sleep over it.

At my age, my friends already married and have kids, and people expected that from me too. The question ‘When will getting married’ or worst ‘go find a guy’.But what am I going to do about it. Not that I can find and buy husband at supermarket. Duhhh!!

Enough rambling..

Here something I worked on in this month. Not great but I’m happy with the results. I’m not seeking impressive and outstanding result. For me to finish a sketch or fully colored a drawing to my satisfaction is rewarding enough.

Hey, I’m not delusional. Nor low self-esteem. I know my skill level. I’m working on getting better. So just wait a bit.

#1 – Random girl – using marker pen, ink and bit of oil pastelImage

#2 – Random stuff in the room, my body lotion and my friend, abottle of vitamin C – using fully oil pastel and outlined with black pen


#3 – Random girl with bright color hair. This on, I did the sketch last month but cannot seem to get the idea of finishing it. My last part was the mouth. I was happy to finally finished it yesterday. May fav but somehow the photo was not very inspiring – using marker ink and oil pastel for the face and background.


** Haven’t finish A Walk To Remember yet. Bad Anna!
** Right now, I’m working on a series of animal drawing and coloring. tbc.

29Faces Feb 2014 Face #26 – #29

Finally, the last batch of 29 Faces Challenge. jan002SM_zps6cd8a0ef

Face #26 – Pencil sketch


Face #27 – Watercolor. A very tan girl with curly hair.


Face #28 – Flower girl.Not as I expected. She was chubbier in my sketch. Somehow, she became slimmer when I finished. Watercolor.


Face #29 – Finally, a guy with palm hair. I hope people can recognize it is a guy. Haha. Watercolor.


The link to the Ayala Art for the 29 Faces Challenge Feb 20014 page -> here.

My full entries -> here.

**Seriously, I am proud of myself.Not only that I regularly updated my blog, but also I managed to complete the 29 Faces Challenge.
I know that I am very ambitious for participating this, since I am not much of an artist and very rarely involved something artistic. Somehow, I want to do something new and challenge myself in different area. This is the result.
Though my work not as good as others, but hey.. I got to start somewehere, right?

**Oh, I got a new niece today. She supposed to meet us on 15 March, but she was impatient. Well, actually, my sister felt few small contraction last night. So this morning she went to hospital. The initial check-up result worrying the doctor because the baby’s heartbeat was dropped and unstable. Hence the doctor advised for operation. Alhamdullillah, both safe. The baby has no name yet, born 2.5 kg, looks like his father. I haven;t took any photo, so I’ll post later. 😀