Yeah, still alive..

Yup. As the title, I am still alive and kicking. Just no update here.

Early this year, I have a number of projects that I have planned for this blog, or even not for blog, still something to do for this year. Sadly, none materialized.

Reason being, I was and still am too busy with work. Though the projects supposed to distract me from work-stressed, but still in the end, I just have no energy. One major contribution also because of me myself. I have no motivation whatsoever.

Bright sunflowers

Bright sunflowers

Wish that I can be a bright as this sunflowers. Shining..

Coffee time at Strand Archade

Coffee time at Strand Arcade

This shot was from my trip to Sydney end of last year. I didn’t have lots of time for sight-seeing. This was a few hours that I managed to get away from work. Nice ambience. Cute waiters (yeah this is important). Nice coffee. Very relaxing.


GOODBYE 2014, WELCOME 2015..

Too many things happened this year. The goods, the bad, the in-between.


  1. Finally, bought a car, a Proton Suprima. Yeah.. A proton. What can I say. That was the only higher specs car i can afford. However some odd times, i did regret buying it since after I bought it, the petrol’s price keeps getting more expensive. L
  2. Still no new house either moving or buying. L
  3. No travelling too except the one working trip to Sydney. Not really a planned visit but at least I got 2 days get-to-know Sydney days.
  4. New housemates, again. I had bad cases of housemates this year.
  5. Got myself a new hobby. I started some artsy project. Kind of funny actually since that is a skill I don’t really have but it is fun. I’ve join 2 monthly face-drawing challenges. Though not really impressive result but I am still proud of myself. Haha.


  1. 1 wedding (nephew) and 2 engagements (nephew and niece). So 2 wedding can be expected next year.
  2. 3 new nieces, 1 grand-niece and 1 grand-nephew. Talk about additional minions to the family. Plus 1 coming soon in 2015 if all went well. J
  3. My father had a knee surgery after he got affected by unknown bacteria, or something. A little swell turned out serious after less than 2 weeks that ended up have to go through surgery. My father has to spend almost a week in the hospital.
  4. My elder sister was undergoing operation to remove her ovaries and uterus after a check-up showed threatening fibroid and cyst. She is still in recovery stage now.
  5. Bad cases of dengue. Started with my eldest sister after the Eid, then her son, and later if I’m not mistaken her granddaughter. Luckily not as bad as my sister. Then in November, by other nephew, and also luckily not so bad that has to be hospitalized.
  6. My younger sister affected by flood again this year. The water level rose higher than last year. Luckily, my sister learnt a lesson from last year flood. She prepared early. And when the water level kept rising and rising, she left the house and headed to my father’s house to avoid being forced to evacuation center. As this date, the flood slowed down, and she able to move back to her house. Though she is still taking precaution because there are news that there will second/third wave coming.


  1. I have being promoted to senior position. Sadly the salary not really at par but the responsibility increased.
  2. The most hectic year so far. There was a new government product that we needed to comply with our system. We worked more than 8 hours a day for 2-3 months. Super crazy.
  3. New demanding project started in September and I am one of the person involved in the initial preparation. It is a new experience and new challenge. Lots of new stuff need to be learnt for this new project and we will be busy again until end of May 2015.
  4. Because of the project above, I have been given the opportunity to work in Sydney office for 7 days. I was so nervous going there. Foreign environment, lots of colleagues’ expectations and of course the language barrier since my English is just so-so and added with the Australian accent that gave me trouble some times. Fortunately, all went well. J


  1. Books – my target was 20 books and not included re-read. I haven’t analysed yet. But looks like almost there or reached that amount. Will update later.
  2. Car/house – bought a car but not the house.
  3. Saving – my target to get a total of 10K. I reached that amount in May but because of deposit for the car, now it became <10K but almost there. Not so bad.
  4. Credit card – target was to clear the outstanding and left only monthly expenses by August. I managed to achieve this by August. Yay! So far still maintain.
  5. Exercise – at least twice a month for jogging/walking. This is not big enough for everyone but actually difficult for me. Sadly I cannot make it especially these last few months L
  6. Weight loss – Started 2014 with 52.3kg. My target was 50kg. Again, another difficult feat. I had reached as high as 54 kg this year which is the heaviest I have being in my entire life. The least weight was 51.5kg. By November I gave up and thinking of maintaining the 51-52 kg. Surprisingly, by this date, I have reached 50 – 50.2kg. Not sure what happened but somehow I achieved my target. LOL!.


  1. More and more goods’ prices increased. Meaning daily expenses getting higher. So not at par with salary now.
  2. 3 incidents with our airlines. Early this year we were shocked by the missing MH370. Mid-year, MH137 being shot down. And last week Airasia flight from Surabaya QZ8501 crashed into the ocean. Al-Fatihah to the people being called by the Creator.
  3. Flood, this year is the worst I have ever seen. Especially in Kelantan where some places totally submerged under water like Kota Bharu, Kuala Krai, Tnh Merah and Gua Musang. The whole state almost in paralysed by the flood where no road to outside was cleared. Most of my friends that live there or have family there affected by the flood. Really when watching the news.

There are so many sad things but still I am still grateful for the good things. Pray and hope for a better year next year.

Goals and aim for 2015? Maybe later. 🙂

Ending The October..

End of October 2014. Meaning another 2 months till 2015. Wow weee.
I don’t know whether this is a good news or bad news. Yet.
To cut short, here you go. (well, actually because I don’t know what else to say)

1. We had Eid eary this month. I parcitipated in the qurban. We also had small feast for Aqiqah of my 3 new nieces at my father’s house. Very tiring effort but satisfying enough because no bad incident we cannot manage especially since we kind of short of hands since my elder sisters not coming back.
2. I took 2 hours of refreshing driving-class. I am proud to say I still remember most of the techniques. Saying that, I am still not confident enough to drive a manual car on my own on the road yet. However, the teacher said, I have enough skill to drive an auto car. Just that I need to be more confident. 🙂
3. #2 means my car still with my sister than my brother. My brother needs the car now. So… 😦
4. New housemate again. It took us longer to find replacement this time. I think nowadays, people looking for luxury compared to last time. Same questions every time, washing machine, network, cable-tv. Luckily last week we got a confirmed new housemates. 2 girls sharing the room. Looks like nice girls. I hope.

Moner Matters:
1. I received a $200 money voucher from the government for ‘festive allowance- single’. I never got this before and I don’t know how my BIL did to get me this. Maybe not much but still, free money.
2. Received $100 dividen from CIMB. Yay. Another free money. Sadly this is the last one.
3. Finally bought a new handbag. Dark-red Elle handbag cum backpack. Big enough for my office docs. I got a good deal for this. 20% discount + AEON voucher, ended up I paid <$180 for the bag. Nice!!
4. One bored day in the office, I surfed the net, got me to, got me to this seller that sell cheap t-shirt. The destructive impact -> I bought 3 long sleeves t-shirts plus 1 blouse for $92 with free shipping. Though the t-shirt not as good as I expected with thin material and bigger size that the site’s measurement, I still say this is a good buy.
5. I was really in tight budget this month because of the Eid and the feast. Luckily the salary was out early this month in conjunction of Deepavali holiday. 🙂

1. Another training continued from last month. Also more meetings.The light is still very dim to me. Lots more info needed to make a clearer picture of the planning and stages.
2. Programming-wise – I am very slow to catch-up with this new stuff. A bit demotivated by this luckily my colleague is very patient with me and the A-Team not yet in the project. So we can take our time to master the new stuff. Hopefully I can produce workable result before she come to KL.

1 I had bad case of high-fever and flu. My 4 months complete attendance was tarnished by a one-day medical leave I have to take. I am grateful enough it didn’t reach worse stage.

Book read:
1. Toys – James Petterson. Not yet write the review.
2. The Collectors – David Baldacci.( I like this more that Toys). Not yet write the review.

Looking forward to November:
1. 3 of my colleagues will be in KL for the new project and also for training. Plus our new boss too. One of the colleague is the closest I have here and another one I haven’t met yet so far.
2. If all went well, I will get my car back. Hopefully. Since November will be yet another raining month, with the car, at least I have the choice to drive instead of taking public transport. Though that also means I will have extra expences too.

All in all, I think October passed by fast early in the month but after middle, it became slower.
I am dragging to get to November, though I have no idea why.

Final batch of 29Faces challenge


As I mentioned in the last post, I didn’t successfully created 29 faces works. I am disappointed but at the same time I am still happy with the works that I managed to complete.
Here is the final batch of Sept 2014 29 Faces Challenge.

#13 Full pencil color.


 #14 Last one. Pencil and pencil color. I decided to leave the face with only pencil shading.



This links all my work. Here

Link to Ayala page 29Faces.

* Still not good at shading but I think a bit better than before. Well, I had few practices unlike when I was in February.

*New this time: I used oil pastel in more than 2 works. That is a big deal to me because I really cannot handle oil pastel. Hard to control, not a sharp point and number 1 challenge, very messy. I saluted those who chose oil pastel as their favourite medium.

Till next time. Jya ne..


****note:not really sure actually if this due on 29 Sept or 30 Sept. Anyway…

Next batch – Faces #5 onwards.

Though I managed to find some times to draw, sadly, I can’t take time to post. Weird. I thought drawing and painting would be the tougher task.
The reason, No time to make a post and when I got time, the network decided to fail me.
Uploading pics was really challenging.
Anyway, here is the next batch.

#5 Using watercolor.


#6 Fully water color again. This was inspired by a character by Murasakibara from Kuroko no Basuke. Murasakibara was crying when he lost a match against Kuroko. Murasaki is purple in Japanese hence the hair color.

#7. Pencil sketch. actually I sketched this before #5 and #6. But I wasn’t sure how the finishing should be. In the end I left it as a sketch only.


#8. Random sketch. I used copics to color the hair and glass frame. I’m not sure who was this guy. 🙂


#9. I called her Aunty Anne. Colored with oil paster and pencil color. Oil pastel on the face. I mixed using fingers to get smoother surface.


#10. Random pencil sketch again.


#11. My attempt to sketch my hairless niece. She loves to ‘eat’ her hand. And here she still trying to eat her hand. She still too young to understand you are not supposed to eat your hand but eat with your hand. 😀


#12. Full pencil color. A girl with colorful turban.


Few more to go. Will post the final batch tomorrow.
Sadly this time around, I didn’t manage to produce 29 faces as I did last February. I am still happy with the result.

*edited: last night the page didn’t properly displayed after I posted. Therefore, I didn’t realize some of the photo need to be rotated.  🙂

Faces – #3 -#4.

Next batch. Though I am happy with the result but sadly I cannot do justice to the works I’ve done with this photos. I cannot get the correct setting so that the photo giving the real colors and shading. 😦

Face #3 – copic marker and oil pastel


Face #4 – totally oil pastel. i was a bit reluctant to try this oil pastel or crayon because I always made a mess of it. same with this time. the green background was a counter measure because after finished with the hair, i realized the messy red accidental background. that was why i added the green. 🙂


29 Faces Challenge – Second Try – Startto

The 29Faces challenge by Ayala Art is here again. I participated the February one. It was challenging because I was just started in this artsy thingy. Started drawing, sketching, painting. Started to get to know different medium and techniques.

Very ambitious of me. I didn’t expect to create a complete 29 pieces. Surprisingly I did. I was proud of myself and I don’t really care about the quality. I was not very talented one and still not. But it was something fun to try, as long as I didn’t overcriticized myself and overstressed with the need to finish the 29 pieces. I was going easy and experimenting this and that.

I haven’t decided whether to join the September challenge. Not because I have already lost interest but simply I am busy with work. Usually after office hours, reached home, my idea of finishing the day was taking shower, late supper and sleep.

That said, I felt like not complete if I didn’t participate. So I decided to have a go. Hopefully I can create few pieces even not the complete 29 faces.
Best of luck, Anna. !!

Link for 29faces Sept2014.


Face #1. Pencil Sketch. (I still have problem with nose and shading)

Face #2. Pencil color sketch.