Final batch of 29Faces challenge


As I mentioned in the last post, I didn’t successfully created 29 faces works. I am disappointed but at the same time I am still happy with the works that I managed to complete.
Here is the final batch of Sept 2014 29 Faces Challenge.

#13 Full pencil color.


 #14 Last one. Pencil and pencil color. I decided to leave the face with only pencil shading.



This links all my work. Here

Link to Ayala page 29Faces.

* Still not good at shading but I think a bit better than before. Well, I had few practices unlike when I was in February.

*New this time: I used oil pastel in more than 2 works. That is a big deal to me because I really cannot handle oil pastel. Hard to control, not a sharp point and number 1 challenge, very messy. I saluted those who chose oil pastel as their favourite medium.

Till next time. Jya ne..


****note:not really sure actually if this due on 29 Sept or 30 Sept. Anyway…


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