Review(Book) : 2014-6 Fast Track by Julie Garwood

Synopsis and reviews from Goodreads.

This is the latest book from Julie Garwood which just was just released in July 2014.
The main hero and heroine and most of other characters were introduced and appeared in ‘The Murder List’ and ‘Fire and Ice’. Both were good books though I like ‘The Murder List’ more.

The story (read the synosis in the GR link above).

Basically, Cordelia Kane just lost her father and found out the her mother still alive. Somehow her father’s lifetime suffering choice by devoting himself to the one-sided/unrequited love towards her mother has made her realized she didn’t want to be in the same misery. And Aidan Hamilton, just started to appreciate Cordelia more after she started turning away from him. That’s normal.

The Kane’s family conflict was when Cordelia decided to let her mother know of her existence somehow resulted the attempted murder. It turned out that Cordelia, as the first born of her mother, inherited a big share of the family business, which didn’t sit well with her grandfather
And greed started showing its fan. Grrr..

The predicament gave reason for Aidan to hog Cordie to live in his suite. (yes, suite) With him. With the help of sneaky Alex Buchanan. The way Aidan treated Cordie when she was injured just very sweet and made you daydreaming of you bf/husband.
Well, if your other half was that rich..

I kept waiting for the explosive climax of the story, but I was dissapointed. Same as the last 2 books, Sweet Talker and Hotshot, this book also didn’t give me that big WOW feeling. The Cordie’s family conflict ended in few sentences and the love affairs also ended in few sentences.
And again, everyone was so perfect.

I gave the book 4.5 out of 5. I would still recommend it for the romance elements.

**I have a friend who didn’t like this book saying that everyone was sooo perfect. True.