Ending the April..

I can’t believe it’s already THE LAST day of April. I was very busy with work stuff, I was totally lost track of time.
What were the things that can be written about April?

1. Of course my birthday. 🙂
2. Monthly visit to my father. Unexpectedly 2 of my sisters also came back. So it was a happy family-time. Plus happy tummy-time. I think I gained about 2 kg for the 4 days.
3. More family-time. I managed to visit my new niece twice (those the only weekends I had in town)
4. Gaining weight about 2kg. I blamed to the family activities that usually involved mountain of my favourite food. Yeah.. Blame others of course. 🙂
5. Submitted my income tax which the dateline is today . Alhamdullillah. I don’t to pay anything and will get rebate instead.

1. Got free discount vouchers which I’ve already spent from Sephora and Body Shop. I bought 2-way face powder(BS) and an brown-black eyeliner (S). I really love this eyeliner from NAKED. I haven’t bought eyeliner for a long time and this one was a bit pricey. Luckily it is awesome. 🙂
2. Bought 3 new story books. I have already forgotten when was the last time I bought any.

1. A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks – finally finished this but haven’t wrote my review on it yet.

Hope to do but don’t:
1. Taking few hours photo-taking in town. Reason – unpredictable raining and tiredness.
2. Weekly-themed artwork.
(this list same as last month)

Health issues:
1. Okayish. Occasionally running nose, allergy and migraine. Nothing bad though.

1. Work-related – BUSY! involved in a new project for the government new product/plan. This project was very poorly planned. That was why I was pulled into it from last project because towards the dateline, they realized still so many tasks haven’t completed.
2. Again. The feeling of quitting the job was very BIG. To the extent that I might resign even without a new job lining up.
3. Promotion to Senior Software Engineer. Not much different though. More responsibility but with same salary as before. This bring to #4.
4. New salary + adjustment started this month. Though it was the worst I’ve ever got since I joined in this company, still, it was something. I was expecting more because of the promotion. But it seems like the increment was like any other increment without considering the promotion. Disappointed much.

My hopes and expectation for May:
1. Reading new book
2. Do the thing in the list of ‘Hope to do but don’t’.
3. Buy a car. But not a priority. Just an urge suddenly popped in my head.
4. Post more of my so-called artwork.

I thought this post will be a short list post. But I got more than 10 items in the list. 🙂

Like last month there was nothing I regretted toooooo much this month too. Like I said, I was super busy at the office, that when I reached home I was too tired. That means I wasn’t into doing any drawing and painting. I had some unfinished sketches. Maybe will finish it later next month and post it here.


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