11th April, A meaningful day..

A lots of things happened today.

Firstly, it’s Friday. That means tomorrow the start of the most awaited weekend. Yay! I’m too tired this week. With the workloads plus the hormone changes, really draining me.

Second, I had a merit review telecons with my boss in Sydney. The review was about my appraisal result and the salary adjustment.

That bring to the third happening. I was informed today of a very unsuspected news. I am promoted to a senior programmer. Meaning a higher title and dont forget a better salary adjustment. Yay, again.

Last but not least, what makes this all even sweeter, today is my birthday. I am so happy with the good news on my birthday. Even though, I was really dragging to today since yesterday because usually I will take a leave on my birthday, but because of the new project, I have too short time to finish this work planning, I decided to take a leave next week instead. Besides, one of the colleague dissappointed with his merit review and salary adjustment yesterday, so I didn’t want to have high hope.

I guess it’s my rezeki, right? Alhamdullillah.
May the good luck and rezeki keeps coming in. May I always remember to thank the Almighty God and being arrogant. Amen.


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