Life rambling and some works….

April is my birthday month. Yeah, I’m getting older his month.

Weirdly, as many has pointed out to me, I am not really concerned about age or getting older. I mean, what can I do about my process of ageing? Not that I stop it if I want, right?

So I just go with the flow. Make changes a bit here and there, appropriate with the age like way of dressing. and try hardest to live as happy as I can. No use of worrying about wrinkle. Okay. That’s a lie. I do fretting when I saw lines under my eyes. But I’m not losing my sleep over it.

At my age, my friends already married and have kids, and people expected that from me too. The question ‘When will getting married’ or worst ‘go find a guy’.But what am I going to do about it. Not that I can find and buy husband at supermarket. Duhhh!!

Enough rambling..

Here something I worked on in this month. Not great but I’m happy with the results. I’m not seeking impressive¬†and outstanding result. For me to finish a sketch or fully colored a drawing to my satisfaction is rewarding enough.

Hey, I’m not delusional. Nor low self-esteem. I know my skill level. I’m working on getting better. So just wait a bit.

#1 – Random girl – using marker pen, ink and bit of oil pastelImage

#2 – Random stuff in the room, my body lotion and my friend, abottle of vitamin C – using fully oil pastel and outlined with black pen


#3 – Random girl with bright color hair. This on, I did the sketch last month but cannot seem to get the idea of finishing it. My last part was the mouth. I was happy to finally finished it yesterday. May fav but somehow the photo was not very inspiring – using marker ink and oil pastel for the face and background.


** Haven’t finish A Walk To Remember yet. Bad Anna!
** Right now, I’m working on a series of animal drawing and coloring. tbc.


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