Review(Book) : 2014-4 Up Close and Dangerous by Linda Howard

Image from Goodreads

Another book by Linda Howard.
Why this book? I was ready to read another of her book after a bit of dissapointment of her previous books that I’ve read.

Synopsis and review from Goodreads

Character : Cam Justice, Bailey Wingate, Brett, Sean , Karen, Tamzin, Lucas + Peach
Synopsis : A young widow of a late milloinnaire was set for a vacation with her brother and his family. Chartered a private plane that flied by Cam Justice for a supposedly safe and simple flight, something amissed and the engines died and the plane crashed at a mountain area.

The main story was about how they survived the crash and the effort on how to stay alive
with very limited supplies of food under a very cold and snowy weather plus multiple injuries with lacking medical attention and medical supplies. During this survival, they learned that their impressions of one another was not justified. They changed 180 degrees and found the personalities underneath the surface appearance layers.

Also, found out that the plane was sabotaged and started to think of who might be the culprit. The real culprit was unpredictable and interesting.

Like always, don’t judge the book by its cover. Mrs. appeared to be a snob turned out to be different. Well, actually both have almost same expression of another. Snob, arrogant, thinking too high of her/himself and such.

The tragedy opened their eyes to see beyond the physical appearances and seek the pleasant personalities underneath. Though this is not a different and unusual method of introducing the characters, but it has some meaning to the real life.

How many times have we judged a person without getting to know the person? Some people just have a glance at another and already form the impression and opinion. I know I did that sometimes. And I know others did that to me too. Though in my case even though I am not fond of that person from the first impression, it wont stop me from getting to know or being good to him/her. I dont know whether it is a good thing or bad one, usually my first impression of a person is a correct one.

Result: 4.2/5. Likeable. Readable. Repeat? Maybe. Recommend? Yes with caution.


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