Review(Book) : 2014-3 The Mercy by Julie Garwood

I love reading a new book without knowing how the ending might be. Or the plot conflicts. Or the hidden bad guys. But sometimes I also love to re-read my favourite books. Especially when I were in reading with no thinking needed.

During this state, usually I would pick up a romance book and my favourite usually Linda Howard and Julie Garwood. Mercy is one of my favourite Julie Garwood’s book and most preferred for re-reading. I’ve lost count of how many time I read this book and every time, after the last sentence, I still have the satisfaction feeling.

Synopsis from Goodreads

The characters: Theo Buchanan (yes, another Buchanan) was a judge Dept attorney. Met Michelle renard, a young gifted doctor that hold no big ambition except to serve her community in a small town Bowen instead of taking big and high-profile practice in New Orlean. Michelle saved Theo’s life when she met him, accidentally in a hotel which they went for 2 seperate reasons.

Anyway, Theo couldn’t seem to forget Michelle and went to her hometown. And this was where the setting of the story.

Also came to picture, Noah Clairborne (which appeared in 2-3 other JG books plus one with him as main character) and John Paul, Michelle brother which later has a book dedicated to him.

Antigonists: The Sowing Club members especially John as main. Others were Cameron, Preston and Dallas plus the assassine Monk.
The plot: well, of course on how the antagonists trying to get and kill the hero and heroine of course. (vain synopsis, haha).

What I like about this book: The humor-one of my favourite was where Theo was misunderstood as the town’s school new football coach.
Another one when Jake Renard (Michelle’s father) trying to ‘help’ Michelle to hook Theo by asking neighbours and friends sending various dishes with note the Michelle’s cooked it.
And another on how Jake manipulated and taking advantage of Theo. Every time ‘Big Daddy said you..’ to Theo made me chuckled.

Not really like: Michelle was too perfect


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