29Faces Feb 2014 Face #15 – #18

Face #15 – Started as a random doodle, then felt like want to add water color to it then here comes the Scarecrow .


Face # 16 – Inspired by Cheetah in Marvel’s Justice League that I watched the other day. Full water color.

Face # 17 – A random boy.


Face # 18 – A young girl under the wind. Totally pencil.


** Lately, the weather was really hot. Every night, I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating. And knowing me, it was hard to get back to sleep. Ended up, lack of sleep and constant headache. What made the matter worse, the air-cond in the office was in ‘extreme cold’ temperature. This alternate of extreme hot and extreme cold, adding with lack of sleep and headache, making me felt like I am about to get cold and flu. Hope not.


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