29Faces Feb 2014 Face #7 and #8

Next for 29Faces Challenge. This time I am focusing on pencil sketches. Inspired by the various friends’ blogs on Tokyo’s heavy snow. jan002SM_zps6cd8a0ef

Face #7 – Man with beanie hat and sunglasses. Kakkoi na..


Face #8 – A lady in beanie, watching something far far away.

I think I’m doing okay this time. I’ve decided just left the sketches with pencil only.

*Real life: I was sick since Friday. Headache and stomachache plus cramp. Just not a good way to spend your weekend.


2 thoughts on “29Faces Feb 2014 Face #7 and #8

  1. elephangaroo says:

    I like your drawings! Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well!


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