29Faces Feb 2014 Face #1, #2 ,#3

ImageOne of the blogger I follow joining this challenge called 29Faces February 2014 from 29Faces Blogspot. It is an interesting challenge but never in my imagination that I will participate.

Reason? Simple enough. I am not good in painting/drawing and drawing faces is the worst. I can still try unanimated subject but face is just big NO.

Saying that, how surprise can it be when this challenge was on my mind for few days already?

Stalking the links, I was intimidated by the participants. Most of them are real painter/artist and most of their works were so awesome, leaving me speechless. And me is a very very novice and newbie. Very little talent and skill (I want to ‘no’ but maybe I did have a tiny bit of skill) and I was just started to venture into this artistic thingy as a new potential hobby. And never in my mind, to show the work to others.

After a long thought, in the end I decided to participate in this challenge. IT IS A REAL CHALLENGING CHALLENGE!! Though I am sure I cannot draw and post everyday, I will try as many as I can.

The link for this challenge is here. Check out the others’ works.

And mine ::

Face #1 – Sketched this using black ball pen. I am bad at drawing nose. So I ended up drew straight line. Surprisingly it was better than I expected. (What a big hair she has 🙂 )


Big Hair

Face #2 – I couldn’t decide what kind of method to color this sketch. In the end I chose color pencil because this is the most comfortable and safe and I believed the damage if I did a mistake, it will not be big. In other word, my most confidence method. Finishing it with black and red marker pen. I am not very satisfied with the face color though. (a bit defect spot on the cheek. something fell on it)



Face # 3 – I finished this yesterday. The highlights are the hair and the eyes. Still, the nose needed something to work on and more practice. Used watercolor and color pencil for outlines.



**count how many word ‘challenge’ appeared in this post. 🙂


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