Hello February


Bye bye January. Time for February now.

Just like January, February started with a turbo engine. Only 4th day in the month, lots going on in the passed few days.
1- Visiting my new niece (31/1 – 1/2).Image2- Going back to my hometown. Like a small family gathering because 3 of my elder sister came back too. Our second cousin was married on the 1st. So they were back to attend the wedding.
3- Heavenly Seafood dinner with sisters and families 
4- Of course the wedding
5- Chinese New Year though it started od 31/1. We were not celebrating it, just having a free holiday. 🙂
6- Another dateline for my project on 3/2. Glad that I managed to finish it on time.
7- Finalized my performance assessment and sign-off.

I predicted and hoping starting tomorrow, my days will be more relax and slower pace. No big plan, work-related or real-life-related except that my teammate and I will be having CNY dinner at Shangri La. A bit expensive. My budget will run downhill after this week.

Till then…


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