29Faces Feb 2014 Face #26 – #29

Finally, the last batch of 29 Faces Challenge. jan002SM_zps6cd8a0ef

Face #26 – Pencil sketch


Face #27 – Watercolor. A very tan girl with curly hair.


Face #28 – Flower girl.Not as I expected. She was chubbier in my sketch. Somehow, she became slimmer when I finished. Watercolor.


Face #29 – Finally, a guy with palm hair. I hope people can recognize it is a guy. Haha. Watercolor.


The link to the Ayala Art for the 29 Faces Challenge Feb 20014 page -> here.

My full entries -> here.

**Seriously, I am proud of myself.Not only that I regularly updated my blog, but also I managed to complete the 29 Faces Challenge.
I know that I am very ambitious for participating this, since I am not much of an artist and very rarely involved something artistic. Somehow, I want to do something new and challenge myself in different area. This is the result.
Though my work not as good as others, but hey.. I got to start somewehere, right?

**Oh, I got a new niece today. She supposed to meet us on 15 March, but she was impatient. Well, actually, my sister felt few small contraction last night. So this morning she went to hospital. The initial check-up result worrying the doctor because the baby’s heartbeat was dropped and unstable. Hence the doctor advised for operation. Alhamdullillah, both safe. The baby has no name yet, born 2.5 kg, looks like his father. I haven;t took any photo, so I’ll post later. 😀


29Faces Feb 2014 Face #21 – #25

Next batch..

Face #21 – Finding me.  Sketched using pencil. This actually inspired by a facebook status by my friend.

Face #22 – Crying boy over spilled soup. Using color pencil.

Face #23 – Megane-san – Water color.


Face #24 – A lady.using marker.


Face #25 – water color.SONY DSC

It’s funny, to me, that I was behind not because of lack of works to be posted but because of the internet. I was busy at office, and the connection in the house was too bad that I cannot upload even a small file.

29Faces Feb 2014 Face #19 – #20

I can’t believe I actually managed to reach this far. I have drawn/painted/sketched more than 20 faces. Though in this post I only post till face #20. Even though, not much creativity from each picture, I am proud to at least made these that I am at comfortable level to post in this blog. Yay for me. *pats own shoulder*

Face #19 – I called this sleeping under the night sky and stars. Water color.

Face #20 – Red-hair girl. Again water color.

29Faces Feb 2014 Face #15 – #18

Face #15 – Started as a random doodle, then felt like want to add water color to it then here comes the Scarecrow .


Face # 16 – Inspired by Cheetah in Marvel’s Justice League that I watched the other day. Full water color.

Face # 17 – A random boy.


Face # 18 – A young girl under the wind. Totally pencil.


** Lately, the weather was really hot. Every night, I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating. And knowing me, it was hard to get back to sleep. Ended up, lack of sleep and constant headache. What made the matter worse, the air-cond in the office was in ‘extreme cold’ temperature. This alternate of extreme hot and extreme cold, adding with lack of sleep and headache, making me felt like I am about to get cold and flu. Hope not.

29Faces Feb 2014 Face #12 – #14

*For the past few days, my internet connection was very very bad. I cannot post anything and I was busy at work, so  cannot post during office hours.

Next batch of 29Faces challenge..

Face #12 – Sketched with black pen outline and added with grey marker.

Happy boy

Face # 13 – 2B pencil plus red color pencil

Face # 14 – Combination of Green highlighter and color pencil


29Faces Feb 2014 Face #9 – #11

I know I know.. I am a bit behind on the faces. I’ve being busy with work lately and coming back late almost every night. Reached home, my brain not functioning already. Just had quick dinner, shower and dead sleep.

But I am not totally off. I did few sketches but not yet find time to put some color to it.

These are for now.

Face #9 – a very chubby girl. (reminds me of my chubby but cute niece)



Face #10 -This guy really has a long face.


Face #11 – Another girl. 🙂

Until next time..

29Faces Feb 2014 Face #7 and #8

Next for 29Faces Challenge. This time I am focusing on pencil sketches. Inspired by the various friends’ blogs on Tokyo’s heavy snow. jan002SM_zps6cd8a0ef

Face #7 – Man with beanie hat and sunglasses. Kakkoi na..


Face #8 – A lady in beanie, watching something far far away.

I think I’m doing okay this time. I’ve decided just left the sketches with pencil only.

*Real life: I was sick since Friday. Headache and stomachache plus cramp. Just not a good way to spend your weekend.