Ending the January


January started and passed by like a turbo engine until the third week where pace started slowing down. Too many things going on that made me thinking January is a long month.

1 – New Year outing with my sister and 2 brothers and their families. We went for a seafood based restaurant beside the seashore. Great view, great food and of course great company.
2 – My brother passed away on the 2nd January. He had the fatal combo desease – diabetes + high blood pressure + kidney malfunction. End of last year, his wound on his legs has infection and has to be imputated. However, he was not fully recovered and succumbed to infection. Innalillah. May he be placed among the righteous ones.
3 – Dinner with my new friends I met here in neighbouring office. We had a very nice and economy steamboat.
4 – Reunion with my college friend which I haven’t met for more than 2 years. She came to town on a Saturday. We spent the whole day catching up updates, eating and not to forget, shopping.
5 – Visiting my friend who just giving birth to a girl, making her a mother of 4.
6 – New niece born in the family. The daugther of my younger sister, making her a mother of 3.
7 – Found a blck dress that I like and bought it. 🙂
8 – Had my appraisal review. Not sure how I was faring. I don’t think I had much going on last year so I had little things to talk about. I hope I did okay.

1 – Got a small contibution from the company. Small but most welcomed.
2 – Though have a bit of digestion problem but nothing bad to my health dept.


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