Play and play..


Spending time in playground was not something I usually did when I was growing up. Not that I didn’t play (no I was not a nerd yet).

My house was and still is in the rural area or country side where the playground like in the picture was not a common sight. This kind of ‘official’ or standard playground was something like a luxury that we, kids didn’t have. If we want to play in this kind of playground, we have to go somewhere else which needed transportation.

So where did we play and spend our childhood time? Yes, of course we did play. But our playgrounds were more of natural setting. Meaning anywhere around the house that has safe spaces. A bit more variety like my area usually the side of the house. My friends was in her backyard. Sometime we played at the empty field like fooball field but a bit smaller. Sometime on the sand at the beach.

Kids in my family, have no store-bought toys. We never heard of Barbie or anything alike. If once in a while our parents bought something, its only those that sold at night market which cost less than $10.

So what did we play with? Other than the team games like football, skip or galah panjang’, we made our own toys. We used old woods to made cars or guns. Old Cola-cola bottle for dolls (unuse clothe for hair and clothes). We scattered boxes and woods in different sizes to make a house. We used different kind of leaves for currency.

All in all, our toys can be destroyed and rebuild. Totally cost effective and train creativity.

Were we the lucky one or kids nowaday?


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