Review(Book) : 2014-1 Kiss Her Goodbye

I bought the book because I was bored while accompanying my friend. I was restraining myself from buying new books because I have a lot that I haven’t read yet plus I have no space for more books and no budget. However, like I said I was bored and my friend needed $2.60 more to get more discount. So I bought this. Only for $3. I have no idea of the author and the story. It just that this is the most interesting looking book in that section. 🙂 Amazon Synopsis Started reading, I was like ‘Oh! This is good.’ and can’t seem to leave the book after that. The first few chapters of a book is really important to capture the interest of the reader. I think the book accomplished that feat. At least to me. The story was engaging. ATF agent, Jack Donovan racing against time to save his daughter sounds like just another story. But I like how Robert Gregory Browne wrote about how desperate and hopeless he felt when the main person who knew the whereabout of his daughter was shot and how confused he was when he lost few hours of his time and finding the next person who knew died. As much as I like the book though, the few last chapters kind of cooling the heat for me. The supernatural thingy. I didn’t expect those elements coming from this book. I haven’t read any books by this author. Maybe that is his common forte. However I am still recommended the book and still consider it is a good book. Though I do know few friends who won’t like it. 🙂 I gave 4.3 / 5. Why .3? I don’t know. Haha. *very short review because my brain is blank right now. 😦


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