25 things about me

There is this one blog I follow doing a 25-thingy.
Kind of want to do it too but quite embarassing. 🙂

1. I was under 40 kg until I was 28 y-o. My most weight was 56kg in June last. Now I am 51kg and trying very hard to maintain it or maybe lose another 1-2 kg. I don’t really like being 56kg-girl. Mostly because I feel lazy, easier to feel tired and have to buy new pants. Luckily I love baggy clothes and dresses. So no need to change much there.
2. Very family oriented. I have so many siblings and nieces and nephews. And I don’t mind spending every weekend with them.
3. I don’t have many friends. Used to have more but after they getting married, the friendship kind of less-existence. And I do not make any new friend.
4. I love music so much and doesn’t matter in what languages, what genre or who the singer. I even listen to One Direction and Justin Bieber if I like the song. But most preferred genre is rock. Not heavy metal kind. I like the 80s and 90s kind of rock like Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Scorpion and Bryan Adams. Also like Linkin Park, One OK Rock, Chemical Brother.
5. I love movies but not much on spastic comedy.
6. I love books. Kind of nerd. I can spends hours reading without communicating with other human being.
7. I am a programmer but I know nothing about computer other than what I am working on.
8. I love chocolates. I can eat chocolate at anytime. I was sad when my doctor told me that chocolate contributed to my headache and migraine. But I didn’t stop eating it unless when I got headache.
9. I like brown/chocolate color. I have lots of stuff in that color especially clothes. My wardrobe not very colorful or many variety. Though now I am trying to buy clothes in different colors. Still, my choices do not have much variety. Mostly, black, dark blue, blood red and brown again.. haha.
10. I love watching and playing with cat but I don’t want to own one.
11. I love museum. Again, Kind of like a nerd, right?
12. I am still watching anime even in my age. (Japanese version of cartoon). My latest favourite, Kuroko No Basket, Singeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Coppelion.
13. I love to sleep tooooo much.
14. Totally cannot read any kind of motivational or self-help book. My brain just shuts off. Even if I managed to read it, but I will never follow it.
15. Nowadays, my memory is really really bad. I don’t even remember what I did this morning let alone of what I did yesterday. This kind of scared me. I’m especially afraid that I might forget anything important in my life especially about my late mother.
16. I hate people who are rude to their parents. Especially when the parents didn’t do anything that out of moral issues. As of #15, I was very devastated when my mom passed away. I felt like I was not prepared. And those people very lucky to still have theirs. And they should appreciate them.
17. I am not ready to lose my father too.
18. I consider myself as a good sister, younger sister or older sister.
19. Language is not my forte. Really bad at it including writing. That is why my blog very not interesting. 🙂
20. I love watching sport but not a sporty myself. I love reading but no talent doing something with words at all. I love browsing good photo on the net but no talent in photography at all. I love good arts but again, no talent at all. I am only an ardent audience but never the participant.
21. Bad at managing my money. Always at the end of the month, I look at my wallet, and wondering where all the money went. Because seriously, I have nothing to be a proof of what I spent. Like no new handbag, no new shoes, no new dress. But money? Gone. Saving = $0.
22. Love coffee very much. I have to have at least a cup a day.
23. Bought a mini sewing machine but haven’t done any sewing yet
24. I don’t really like my housemate. The only reason I am still staying here is because I am too lazy to find another house. My friends offered to chase the housemate for me. Haha.
25. Just bought a new glasses. The last one is 3 years old. Yay!!

Okay.. There you go. Interesting? Yes? No? Don’t care?


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