New Year outing..

***Late new year post***

The last time I met my brother and his family, my SIL mentioned about an eating adventure they had few weeks back. And she promised to bring me there someday.

Guess what? She kept her promise. My brother whatapps me early morning on the new year, suggested to go to that place in Jeram,S’ngor. Since I have no plan whatsoever, I said okay. He invited my younger sister and younger brother too.

Quite far, about 1 hour drive. 

The place called Seafood Corner, near the sea. They served grilled or roasted seafood only. Our orders – Siakap, squid, muscle, stingray and cencaru (dunno what english name for it). All baked. Quite nice but I wish they didn’t add spices to the squid. Roast it raw tastes better.

No photo because my nephew deleted all of it. Grrrrr…


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