2014 – New year so so…

I was supposed to post this either on 1st or 2nd Jan, but too many things going on and I was away at my hometown for days. So here you go.. Better late than never. After a week in January 2014.

What I am looking forward to in 2014.

  1. Nephew’s wedding in March. This is interesting because he is my sister’s first son. My sister is a bit well-do family compared to others. And she is very systematic in planning and she has this her ‘grand’ vision of her son’ wedding thingy. So I am looking forward to see how it goes.
  2. 2 new additional members to the family in January and March, if God’s willing. So far there is only 2. Maybe more. Since my sister-in-law hinting on trying to give little sis/bro to her son.

No really resolution but more to my TRY-to-do list (caps on TRY):

  1. Finding new hobby. Thinking of knitting but I have to learn on my own because I am not sure if I can afford classes. Also thinking of doing some arts sketches/drawing/painting/doodling even though I have only abt 2% skill. Well… Not that I want to give or show to other people or doing exhibition, right? Wait. Maybe show here a bit of it but not like anyone visiting. 😀
  2. Learning and using more of my NEX camera like going to Sony free workshop and learn how to use my camera beyond the automatic setting and try-my-luck setting. Poor baby. I have abandoned it most of the time. I don’t even know all the function yet despite bought it more than one year already.
  3. Following the #2, going somewhere just to take photo.
  4. Following #3, post more in flickr account. Sounds like broken radio, right? Keep repeating.. Maybe some magic will come from it.
  5. Buy a car but only if my salary adjustment permitted. With everything and everywhere price’s hike, I can only buy the affordable and economy car, not most wanted car.
  6. At least 1 oversea trip and 1 local trip.
  7. Usaha yg lebih utk menutup aurat
  8. Saving more. But this also need to be budgeted based on salary increment, whether buy a car or not and definitely whether buy a house or moving or not.
  9. Post at least once in 2 week – once a week is tooo big for me. 😀
  10. Make once-a-month gratitude entry – actually originally I was planning to make a gratitude journal/blog, but knowing me, who lazy to make post, so I will stick to this one blog only. Also, the original plan is once-a-week but changed again. Once a month already a big deal for me.
  11. Join at least 1 marathon or walkaton. There is a hurdle for this. Usually this activity starts very early in the morning. Meaning no public transport working yet. And since I do not own a car, it is a bit difficult for me. Currently I don’t have any friend to share this. Few friends already active marathon participants but I don’t want to share with them. Yet. 🙂

Actually it is not a common thing for me to make this kind of list. It’s not that I don’t like it but more to the de-motivation I might feel when at the end of the year, I haven’t crossed so many in the list. Making me question, what have I achieved and started feeling down.

However this year, I want to be more positive and take more control of my life and do more stuff for myself instead of for somebody else which usually my family. Not that I will not devote my time for them, but I will need to ration more time for me. It is not easy since I can hardly say NO to them but I will try.


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