Ending the January


January started and passed by like a turbo engine until the third week where pace started slowing down. Too many things going on that made me thinking January is a long month.

1 – New Year outing with my sister and 2 brothers and their families. We went for a seafood based restaurant beside the seashore. Great view, great food and of course great company.
2 – My brother passed away on the 2nd January. He had the fatal combo desease – diabetes + high blood pressure + kidney malfunction. End of last year, his wound on his legs has infection and has to be imputated. However, he was not fully recovered and succumbed to infection. Innalillah. May he be placed among the righteous ones.
3 – Dinner with my new friends I met here in neighbouring office. We had a very nice and economy steamboat.
4 – Reunion with my college friend which I haven’t met for more than 2 years. She came to town on a Saturday. We spent the whole day catching up updates, eating and not to forget, shopping.
5 – Visiting my friend who just giving birth to a girl, making her a mother of 4.
6 – New niece born in the family. The daugther of my younger sister, making her a mother of 3.
7 – Found a blck dress that I like and bought it. 🙂
8 – Had my appraisal review. Not sure how I was faring. I don’t think I had much going on last year so I had little things to talk about. I hope I did okay.

1 – Got a small contibution from the company. Small but most welcomed.
2 – Though have a bit of digestion problem but nothing bad to my health dept.


Play and play..


Spending time in playground was not something I usually did when I was growing up. Not that I didn’t play (no I was not a nerd yet).

My house was and still is in the rural area or country side where the playground like in the picture was not a common sight. This kind of ‘official’ or standard playground was something like a luxury that we, kids didn’t have. If we want to play in this kind of playground, we have to go somewhere else which needed transportation.

So where did we play and spend our childhood time? Yes, of course we did play. But our playgrounds were more of natural setting. Meaning anywhere around the house that has safe spaces. A bit more variety like my area usually the side of the house. My friends was in her backyard. Sometime we played at the empty field like fooball field but a bit smaller. Sometime on the sand at the beach.

Kids in my family, have no store-bought toys. We never heard of Barbie or anything alike. If once in a while our parents bought something, its only those that sold at night market which cost less than $10.

So what did we play with? Other than the team games like football, skip or galah panjang’, we made our own toys. We used old woods to made cars or guns. Old Cola-cola bottle for dolls (unuse clothe for hair and clothes). We scattered boxes and woods in different sizes to make a house. We used different kind of leaves for currency.

All in all, our toys can be destroyed and rebuild. Totally cost effective and train creativity.

Were we the lucky one or kids nowaday?

Review(Book) : 2014-2 The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner

The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner

The Survivors Club by Lisa Gardner

I bought the book like 3 years ago. This is my first Lisa Gardner book.
Reason to choose : I got a book discount voucher and not many books to choose to. Other books either non-fiction, not ‘good-looking’ enough, too heavy/deep or I’ve read it. So I ended up with this.
Amazon synopsis

My comment:
The characters’ introductions were good. Not too detail and not too shallow. Every each characters has different personality from the others. Especially for the 3 members of the Survivors Club, Jillian Hayes, Carol Rosen, and Meg Pesaturo,  totally different personalities, from family background, age and status. You might wonder whether these ladies really can be together, become buddy just because they were once a victim of same rapist. These ladies have to survived from the nightmare of being terrorized by the rapist, facing the media and society and have pushed the authority to escalate the investigation.

Detective Sergeant Roan Griffin, the lead of the case, just started working after 18 months leave (wish I could have that) has his own baggage to carry and demon to fight. His own old case was good enough to be a book of itself (maybe it was but I have not research other Lisa Gardner works yet).

The plot was good. The College Hills Rapist that was assassinated later left doubt to authority and civilian of his innocent. Kind of giving me a flash of John Grisham’s The Confession. Just a flash not that roller coaster feeling though. The killing definitely a hired gun. The question was who hired him? And of course the main suspect was the Survivors Club or their family.

The twist of event where at the beginning, you suspected the current criminal but instead you have to look and dig deeper into history. Plus, I like that the solution gradually came and formed instead of one great idea or conclusion since the beginning of their investigation.

I also like the idea that LG called it Survivors Club instead of Victims Club. Instead of stamped yourself as ‘victim’ forever, now you can call yourself as a victim that survived from being a victim and continues life as a survivor. Some sort.

Detective Mike Waters has become different kind of ‘victim’ related to David Price. Well, at least there was consolation hint of romance for him at the end.

David Price’s case was interesting and I can see as one of the cases for Criminal Minds series. Serial kidnapper and killer, same MO, and definitely has behavioural issues. Yes, totally recommended for Criminal Minds.

My not-so-good comment : too many flashback made me feel like I missed a prequel book. And the book has white cover and now, after few years it has dotted yellow already.

I give 4.5/5 for this book. Yay!!

I found that I like Lisa Gardner’s writing style. I might be looking for more of her books. I hope this is not the best of her books.

Review(Book) : 2014-1 Kiss Her Goodbye

I bought the book because I was bored while accompanying my friend. I was restraining myself from buying new books because I have a lot that I haven’t read yet plus I have no space for more books and no budget. However, like I said I was bored and my friend needed $2.60 more to get more discount. So I bought this. Only for $3. I have no idea of the author and the story. It just that this is the most interesting looking book in that section. 🙂 Amazon Synopsis Started reading, I was like ‘Oh! This is good.’ and can’t seem to leave the book after that. The first few chapters of a book is really important to capture the interest of the reader. I think the book accomplished that feat. At least to me. The story was engaging. ATF agent, Jack Donovan racing against time to save his daughter sounds like just another story. But I like how Robert Gregory Browne wrote about how desperate and hopeless he felt when the main person who knew the whereabout of his daughter was shot and how confused he was when he lost few hours of his time and finding the next person who knew died. As much as I like the book though, the few last chapters kind of cooling the heat for me. The supernatural thingy. I didn’t expect those elements coming from this book. I haven’t read any books by this author. Maybe that is his common forte. However I am still recommended the book and still consider it is a good book. Though I do know few friends who won’t like it. 🙂 I gave 4.3 / 5. Why .3? I don’t know. Haha. *very short review because my brain is blank right now. 😦

25 things about me

There is this one blog I follow doing a 25-thingy.
Kind of want to do it too but quite embarassing. 🙂

1. I was under 40 kg until I was 28 y-o. My most weight was 56kg in June last. Now I am 51kg and trying very hard to maintain it or maybe lose another 1-2 kg. I don’t really like being 56kg-girl. Mostly because I feel lazy, easier to feel tired and have to buy new pants. Luckily I love baggy clothes and dresses. So no need to change much there.
2. Very family oriented. I have so many siblings and nieces and nephews. And I don’t mind spending every weekend with them.
3. I don’t have many friends. Used to have more but after they getting married, the friendship kind of less-existence. And I do not make any new friend.
4. I love music so much and doesn’t matter in what languages, what genre or who the singer. I even listen to One Direction and Justin Bieber if I like the song. But most preferred genre is rock. Not heavy metal kind. I like the 80s and 90s kind of rock like Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Scorpion and Bryan Adams. Also like Linkin Park, One OK Rock, Chemical Brother.
5. I love movies but not much on spastic comedy.
6. I love books. Kind of nerd. I can spends hours reading without communicating with other human being.
7. I am a programmer but I know nothing about computer other than what I am working on.
8. I love chocolates. I can eat chocolate at anytime. I was sad when my doctor told me that chocolate contributed to my headache and migraine. But I didn’t stop eating it unless when I got headache.
9. I like brown/chocolate color. I have lots of stuff in that color especially clothes. My wardrobe not very colorful or many variety. Though now I am trying to buy clothes in different colors. Still, my choices do not have much variety. Mostly, black, dark blue, blood red and brown again.. haha.
10. I love watching and playing with cat but I don’t want to own one.
11. I love museum. Again, Kind of like a nerd, right?
12. I am still watching anime even in my age. (Japanese version of cartoon). My latest favourite, Kuroko No Basket, Singeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Coppelion.
13. I love to sleep tooooo much.
14. Totally cannot read any kind of motivational or self-help book. My brain just shuts off. Even if I managed to read it, but I will never follow it.
15. Nowadays, my memory is really really bad. I don’t even remember what I did this morning let alone of what I did yesterday. This kind of scared me. I’m especially afraid that I might forget anything important in my life especially about my late mother.
16. I hate people who are rude to their parents. Especially when the parents didn’t do anything that out of moral issues. As of #15, I was very devastated when my mom passed away. I felt like I was not prepared. And those people very lucky to still have theirs. And they should appreciate them.
17. I am not ready to lose my father too.
18. I consider myself as a good sister, younger sister or older sister.
19. Language is not my forte. Really bad at it including writing. That is why my blog very not interesting. 🙂
20. I love watching sport but not a sporty myself. I love reading but no talent doing something with words at all. I love browsing good photo on the net but no talent in photography at all. I love good arts but again, no talent at all. I am only an ardent audience but never the participant.
21. Bad at managing my money. Always at the end of the month, I look at my wallet, and wondering where all the money went. Because seriously, I have nothing to be a proof of what I spent. Like no new handbag, no new shoes, no new dress. But money? Gone. Saving = $0.
22. Love coffee very much. I have to have at least a cup a day.
23. Bought a mini sewing machine but haven’t done any sewing yet
24. I don’t really like my housemate. The only reason I am still staying here is because I am too lazy to find another house. My friends offered to chase the housemate for me. Haha.
25. Just bought a new glasses. The last one is 3 years old. Yay!!

Okay.. There you go. Interesting? Yes? No? Don’t care?

New Year outing..

***Late new year post***

The last time I met my brother and his family, my SIL mentioned about an eating adventure they had few weeks back. And she promised to bring me there someday.

Guess what? She kept her promise. My brother whatapps me early morning on the new year, suggested to go to that place in Jeram,S’ngor. Since I have no plan whatsoever, I said okay. He invited my younger sister and younger brother too.

Quite far, about 1 hour drive. 

The place called Seafood Corner, near the sea. They served grilled or roasted seafood only. Our orders – Siakap, squid, muscle, stingray and cencaru (dunno what english name for it). All baked. Quite nice but I wish they didn’t add spices to the squid. Roast it raw tastes better.

No photo because my nephew deleted all of it. Grrrrr…