Last day of the year….

Last day of the year 2013. Of course like everybody else, it is time to look back what have happened since 1st January 2013. Well, let see…………………..

1.    Perak – killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Actual event was my niece’s wedding but me and 2 of my brothers’ family stayed longer holidaying at Bukit Merah Late Town Resort. It is a water-themed park.
2.    Didn’t do any oversea travelling this year. Except for Umrah/Mecca. (more in Most Memorable)

Family matters:
1.    1 nephew engaged and 2 engaged-then-married.
2.    2 sisters pregnant, meaning I will get 2 niece/nephew/both early next year (Jan & Mac). Insya-Allah.
3.    Sad news, my brother’s condition was getting worst. He collapsed and hospitalized in last May and middle of December his right leg was severely infected by bacteria and later was amputated. I’m praying every day that he will get better. Totally recover from diabetes and kidney dyfunction is quite impossible unless there is a miracle but at least he will not getting worse. Seeing his meatless body makes me want to cry.
4.   Another brother and a sister were affected by the bad flood that happened on early December. One of the worst flood in decades. My brother was not badly affected. He did not have to move and property damage not that very bad. But my sister and her family were badly affected. She has to stay at the evacuation centre for a week. And the house.. Wow.. when I went there I was speechless. 3 cupboards, 2 beds and 2 mattresses totally gone. 1/3 of clothes badly mudded that she thought cannot be saved. ¾ from the other 2/3 was mudded but still can be saved. It took about 3 days just to clean the clothes. 4-5 days to clean the house and the furniture. All the kids’ books damaged or floated by the water. Some of the coming-baby also has to be replaced. I cannot imagine how much money needed. And what is worse, monsoon season not ended yet. It will take about another 2-3 months and during those time everyone affected will always be cautious, anxious and have to be ready for evacuation, again.Image

1.     A colleague resigned in April. Quite sad because we were quite close. We did many projects together.
2.    Got a new colleague in July replacing the one who resigned. She looks okay and skillful. And of course, young. 😉
3.    I really felt I have no improvement this year. I am really worried about year-end appraisal. I hope not too bad.
4.    Still annoying at people. Haha.

Most Memorable:
1.    Umrah or small pilgrimage to Medina and Mecca during fasting month. This was like experience that everybody need to have at least one, if they can afford it. Or else straight to Hajj. Because of the construction to Masjidil-Haram, the Saudi government limits the number of visitors even until today and will be until they finished, like another more year/s. For this reason, we cannot get confirmation whether our visa approved until last minute. Really last minute like in my case the night before departure. Crazy. Any way, the trip was worth the headache. Not on the fun and relaxing side but to spiritual and religion side. I felt very lucky because i can performed this ibada in the holy fasting month. *blissfull bless*. I prayed that my ibada accepted by Allah. Insya-Allah.(I planned to make entry of this, just for my keepsakes and future reference but failed, yet again.)
2.    My flat caught fire caused by an Indonesian who cooked in his room. Though my house was not affected, but that was a bad experience. Have to live without water supply for few days and lift not functioning. for almost 3 weeks only 1 lift can be used. Imagine how long have to wait. Luckily no casualty. <entry>
3.    Attending One Ok Rock concert with a friend. A talented JRock band. Enjoyed the concert very much.

OOR concert tix
4.    Got 3rd prize in year-end company’s lucky draw. The prize was RM300 Aeon voucher. I was very very happy because I never won any lucky draw before except for those that-everyone-will-get-somebody. I wasn’t hoping. Just joining the event to see who got what. Most of team members got something. Alhamdulillah.

1.    In September, it was enough KT will be 4. Koki out. Fired. Really really sad news. Worse that when ex-a left. I never thought he would be leaving even though this was not a volunteer resignation. I always think he was the one behind Kame’s sanity. Now………. the news really affected me emotionally.
2.     Kame released a new single as Hottake Band with Tamaki Hiroshi, his co-star in Tokyo Bandwagon. I wish it was his solo though.
3.     Paul Walker passed away. Sad news is sad. I really it was a rumor. But then saw lots of pics and coverage. <Entry>T_T
4.     I lost weight. From 56kg to 49kg. Though now 51kg.



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