Just coming back from a 3-day trip to north. Tiring but enjoyed it very much. I’ll create another post about it later.

Started the month with a sad news of Paul Walker death, not a good sign. I was really looking forward to see him in Fast and Furious 7 next year, but the filming hasn’t completed yet and now that he passed away, I wonder how the film will turn out.

Though I am a fan of him, I don’t really follow his personal life. I only followed his works as an actor.
With the news everywhere I found out that he involved with lots of charity and has a daughter. My condolences to the family and the friend’s family.


News from CNN

Instg Tyrese

Instg Ludacris

Another sad news is, I’ve spend lots of money last weekend so I realy really in tight budget this month. I got the feeling I will spend a lot but I didn’t really planned on how much because most of the activities were not a planned one. I was planning to buy a new handbag in this year-end sale. Looks like I have to postpone it. 😦

For the first post of December 2013, of course it means the list but I got nothing new in my mind for the monthly list.The usual 2 and maybe I will edit later.

1. 2 x Taman Jaya (M) – I failed this last month mostly because of the raining and my legs cramps.
2. 1 book (M)
3. Sewing project (CF) – carrying forward from last month, again. I still has no space yet to set the sewing machine.
4. Donate clothes – Going to sort out clothes that not fit anymore but still in good condition

**CF – carry forward    M – monthly

That is all for today. Adios.


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