The idea is making the monthly list in the first post of the month to make it easy to find and more list-driven feeling and easy to find later. But I just have to put into account the incident that happened on 31st October which I was not able to post it on the day. So there goes the first post.

I created a new tag ‘master-list’ instead to recognize the listing and ‘list’ for the list related (already in).

Before that, today is the end of the year. Sounds wrong? No kidding. It is last day of certain year. Tomorrow a new year which we here will have public holiday. Big yay!. Well, actually the year is in Islamic calendar as today is 30 Zulhijjah 1434. New year is also called Awal Muharram which is 1st Muharram. Year 1435. Got it?..

Note to myself : Don’t forget end-year and new-year do’a. Link -> Doa

Back to the list.

  1. 2 x Tmn Jaya (M)
  2. 1 book (M)
  3. 1 sewing project (CF)
  4. Flickr – at least 3 post (CF)
  5. Baking project
  6. 1 entry on my umrah trip

**CF – carry forward    M – monthly

I might have problem with my saving this month because I have lots of must-buy stuff plus 2 wedding with 1 of it need to be a long trip.


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