Oct-List : #5 – Book.

The book which was in my mind when I made the list was Hotshot by Julie Garwood. JG is once of my favourite writer in romance category. So of course I was excited when I found out she was releasing a new book.

One of the reason I was really anticipated for this book because I read almost all of her books (minus the Roses trilogy). And another reason was because I was a bit dissappointed with the last book – Sweet Talk. In a way, I was hoping this nook can get me back in good faith to JD.

Image from Goodreads and review from Goodreads ->https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16101020-hotshot

Did I set my expectation tooooo high?I gave 3.5/5 star. A bit better compared to Sweet Talk which I gave 3/5.

My comment on the book:

  1. The plot was too ‘straight’ ( I don’t know what is the correct term for this). No surprises or anything. Idk. Maybe because I’ve read too many books and watches too many tv show/movies, it was kind of too easy to predict the flow and what will happen next. The only part I was eager to see was the antics of cousin Debby to get extra money. 😦
  2. Again, the plot. No twist of the bad and/or good guys. Same problem I had with Sweet Talk. No need much guessing. Not even on how they tackled down the bad guys.
  3. The hero and heroin are tooooo perfect. Kind of turn me off a bit.

**Note: I read a comment once from JG fan where she said JG loves to use ‘arrogantly’ especially ‘arrogantly pleased’ and she has made a mission to count the frequency of the words used. That was why everytime I came across that phrase, I would chuckled. 😀


One thought on “Oct-List : #5 – Book.

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