Oct-List : #2 – 2 xTmn Jaya

Tmn JayaProud of myself because I managed to accomplish the #2 goal in the October list. Though it might be no big deal to anybody else but it is a big deal to a lazy-me. Plus the weather over the weekend was so nice for an extended sleep. 🙂
I forgot when was my first time in this month but the second was on last Sunday. Again today, the weather was very tempting for a longer sleep. But I have put extra effort to move my butt out of the bed.


One thought on “Oct-List : #2 – 2 xTmn Jaya

  1. […] how long I can maintain this? 2. 2 x tmn jaya – Done ( I am going to this as monthly goal) https://annadocumented.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/oct-list-2-2-xtmn-jaya/ 3. Save >500. This is a bit challenging because I predicted big speding during Raya Qurban.-> […]


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