So fast time flies and now already in the final quarter of 2013.

Usually when talking almost end of the year, ppl talking about what have they accomplished or completed or achieved so far. Too distressful for me.

So I’ve decided to have a to-do list for October instead.
1. Approximately to 50kg. Now I am 52kg.
2. 2 x tmn jaya
3. Save >500. This is a bit challenging because I predicted big speding during Raya Qurban.
4. 1 sewing project
5. 1 new book
6. 1 blog entry – either – lj,blospt,wordpress – Well with this entry I have achieved this, right? Or maybe I need to challenge myself more.
7. Flickr – at least 3 pics. I have lots of pics in my ‘store’ but tooooo lazy to edit/resize and post it.
8. 1 spa + 1 facial, I bought Groupon Spa package. Hope I didnt waste it like the last one.

The list look tame enough but for someone loke me, it is a big challenge. Lets see how I’m faring by end of the month.



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